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    Drew Grenzner

    Hi everyone,


    I recently traded a top kart viper for some unused archery equipment that I didn’t use often. It has a few problems with it, but it’s been fun working on it.


    The he problem that I’m facing now is with body work/plastics. I’d like to use this kart at the local track and maybe for solo/auto X but they require body work.

    I’m having a real hard time finding nerf bars and plastic for it. Will any set of plastics basically work? I’m seeing two main kinds  the older boxy kind and a newer more aerodynamic set. I also see that these will mount differently to the nerf bars.


    Is is there a good website I can purchase from? I tried eBay, but not much luck. I think I may be using the wrong terms for these as well.


    Thanks everyone



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    David Cole

    Your best bet is contact Top Kart USA for information on what nerf bars and bodywork works best for the Viper chassis. It looks like Huggler Racing is in your state, and may also be able to help you find what you are looking for.

    David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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    There you have it partner, look no more. I found them for you.

    These puppies will work for any 99 to 2002 chassis, but with a little bit of engineering you may be able to install new style plastics on them, if you don’t wanna run the old bread box style. It’s not that hard at all.



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    Drew Grenzner

    Thank you I appreciate the help! This is my first kart so I’m stumbling through a few things. Going to do a lot of reading – this is a great site with lots of info.

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    Drew Grenzner

    I was able to find some. Thanks everyone

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