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    michael smith

    ive read that there is no such thing as too much grip.

    However what I experienced lately feels to me like just that.too much grip.

    I have a clone, 8HP or so. My Kart came with used used mg yellow tires that were well worn. After dialing in max caster, and a few other changes, the Kart really Scoots.

    Keep in mind I’m a heavy driver at 300 lbs and well over 6 ft tall.

    At 1.5 seconds off the pace I thought maybe new slicks would cut that down a bit so I put some new mg yellows on.

    Bad idea so far. IM pretty sure I bruised a rib within 20 laps, lap time is one second slower after playing with temps, and it takes ALL the effort to hold the Kart in a turn. I even pumped the tires up to 20 lbs to get it to slide with no luck.

    So the question is-is there such a thing as too much grip?

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    TJ Koyen

    With a clone on MG Yellows, maybe you would encounter too much grip.

    But you need to adapt your chassis to the grip level of the tires. Of course the handling will change with new tires. You probably don’t want full caster on brand new MG Yellows for example. Taking some “grip” out of the chassis by removing caster, narrowing front track, widening rear track, removing front torsion bars etc. will help counteract that massive grip increase you get from new tires and will make the kart much more usable.

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    Tim Koyen

    MG yellows at 20psi will probably not slide.  Try 10psi.

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    michael smith

    I well try all those things.ill also try the lower psi.i thought higher psi would make it slide but no bueno.

    Well they remove rear grip as well, or just front grip?

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    Please describe the type of track you’re running at, for a better advise

    How wide is the rear track when you measure from inside of axle, outside to outside of wheel?

    How many spacers do you have on the front spindles?

    Is this a real small sprint track, dirt track, or long track?

    What year and model chassis is this?

    Do you have front and rear torsion bar?

    I really wanna help, but I need to know more info about it.

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    For the purpose of this topic, can you replace “too much grip” with “too much weight transfer”? Is that what causes a chassis to get “tight”? I am trying to make sure I understand the comments.
    I battle similar issues as everyone asks here, but am trying to wrap my head around it. When I have too much weight transfer and take some caster out to get less, then I start to develop a push in the front. Is caster a course adjustment? Am I jumping on both sides of the optimum? What other levers do I have to play with?

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    michael smith

    caster for me is a big adjustment.


    on one day, i had it neutral and was running .60s, switched to minimum caster and slowed to .90s, then switched to max caster and improved to .20s

    as far as the weight transfer issue, i dont think so. heres why.

    my buddy was running old mgs on his lo206 engine at 370lbs. he switched to new bridgestones and it was sliding all over. i asked him to try my tires so at the track we switched but he only switched the rears. he said there was so much grip in the back of the kart that it was pushing terribly. funny enough his lap times did NOT improve over the worn set so he also agrees that there is such a thing as too much grip.


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    Jimmy McNeil

    “he switched to new bridgestones and it was sliding all over”

    Did he switch to Bridgestone YLC’s?

    If you are going to compare different tire manufacturers,  you have to make sure they are similar compounds. The MG yellows would be comparable to bridgestone YLB’s. Last time I ran a set of YLC’s( prob 4 years ago), I was sliding all over the place, not even close to the mg yellow.

    If you have a soft compound front tire and med compound rears, your going to have a bad over steer.

    And to answer your question, absolutely theirs such a thing as to much grip, especially in the low hp classes.

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    michael smith

    Hi, his tires were yhc.

    But I definitely agree that too much grip is a reality, and not as fun to drive, in a lower HP vehicle.

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