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    William Weiler

    I raced my first race at KPX last weekend and I noticed some differences between my Kart, which was setup by my builder, and other people’s Karts. My Kart was setup with 50″ inch rear width and full caster. My friend widened the rear and I noticed some oversteer. Seems like more weight transfer and traction in the back would maybe show up as understeer in the front. What are you thoughts? Is there a starting setup I can use? Seems like asking people for tips here and there, and arbitrating in my head between the contradictions, seems a slow way to get there. Also other guys had additional seat struts, and I don’t, and everyone took out their 3rd bearing. Seems like everyone is going for a lot more flex, all over the Kart, than my setup.

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    tony zambos

    At this point in time, you need seat time. Strive for consistency and make small adjustments to see where they take you. Use your builder’s setup as a base and work from there.

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    William Weiler

    I agree I need seat time before adjustments. The Kart is neutral, so it is fine. But I don’t think this is a good base to start from. The Kart often slides on all 4 tires. Shouldn’t it be a medium flex, then adjusting more or less. Why is it zero flex, where I can only go for more?


    TonyKart 401s LO206
    Morgan Hill, CA



    How tall and heavy are you? What is the measurement from axle to back of seat lip? How high is the seat from the bottom frame rails? How many spacer do you have on the front spindles? What air pressures are you running and How old are the tires? What year make and model is your kart?

    I’m not joking, please answer all these questions and we’ll take it from there buddy.


    TJ Koyen

    It actually sounds like the opposite. With no seat struts, caster in the front, and a narrow rear, it sounds like your kart is setup to flex and lift the inside rear quite a bit.

    Are the other karts you’re referencing all Tony Kart 401s? Because different manufacturers will have vastly different setups to achieve the same end goal.

    The tendency for new drivers is to grossly overdrive the kart, resulting in similar complaints about lack of grip. Have you tried to adjust your driving at all to counter the handling woes you’re feeling, in other words, slowing down your entry speed and attempting to get back on the throttle earlier, driving through the corner.

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