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    Steven Kovalovsky

    I just bought my son a 2014 Tony Kart kid kart. He is still quite small, and needs pedal extenders to reach the pedals comfortably. The problem now is that Tony Kart has a completely different way of constructing their (throttle/brake) assemble. The round bar used for the pedal is a 10mm solid round bar, as apposed to the usual larger diameter hollow bar. On top of that, it is also bent at a 90 degree angle at the ends. So you cant even use a simple slide on extender. Is there any particular solution for this problem? Tony Kart kid kart pedal assembly

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    Troy Berry

    Maybe something like this will work?http://www.accelerationkarting.com/pedalextensions.aspx

    Might be able to slide them past the bend and use a sleeve to make up the difference?



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