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    Rod Hawkins

    Anyone happen to have the tony evx set up specs? I know I found them once but can’t seem to find them. Just bought a used one for a great price. Would love to have the numbers as a starting baseline and adjust from there. Seems like for some reason they are very difficult to find.



    Clark Hadden

    Build the Chassis mount your seat to your height spec. Put your choice of engine on Chassis Sprocket, Chain and tires. Add fuel/mix. Maybe a little Caster and don’t touch the chassis. Just drive! The sweet spot is a mile long…


    Rod Hawkins

    Thanks,  found some info online, but it wasn’t easy (this is for an EVXX, which is close and different tires)

    Set Up sheet – Kart Model: Tony Racer EVXX

    Condition: Normal Grip Circuits
    Date: 2010
    Tyre : MG Yellow Tyre

    Rear Track: Tony Kart wheels, rim to rim, o/side to o/side; 1385mm (1390mm max.)

    Usually 1385 and leave

    Front Track: Tony Kart wheels,

    Top of inside front rim to centre of kingpin —- 125 mm_135 mm (start at 130 mm)

    Rear Bar: out

    Front bar: in and flat (we also have three types of round torsion bars)

    Rear ride height: STD, i.e. chassis middle

    Caster: add caster if circuit is twisty/tight (can be driver dependant)

    MG tyres normally require additional caster,

    Rear wheel hubs: standard i.e. 85mm

    Rear axle: Tony type N (H is harder, P or E is softer)

    Front crash bar: Usually tight

    Front lower crash bar: tight

    Front ride height: STD i.e. middle of c section

    Seat stays: one per side (for more rear grip add additional stay to brake side)

    Side pods: loose

    Tyre pressure: 10_10.5 psi

    Front Hubs: 80mm long (std on Racer EVXX)

    Toe out: 2mm total

    Wheel Type: Tony Kart magnesium wheels all round

    This set up sheet is for circuit that offer normal grip levels for the duration of the event.

    It is not intended for a Green circuit or a circuit that has worn out stones.


    Mick Gabriel

    Seat setup is critical PM me.


    Rod Hawkins

    I got the seat placement dialed in by someone that is very familiar with setting them up. He just didn’t have time to set up the front track and I was just looking for a hard copy of the baseline setup so I know where to go when I adjust certain things.

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