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    Bryan Williams

    Im a newbie here and have only had my kart for about 6-7 months and still learning allot. Ive been in a few club races and This last weekend got in a major IKF event. I run a kt100 with a Margay Brava 1.6 Limo chassis. I havnt done much messing around with the chassis other than adjusting rear track width. Right now im at 55inch wide in the rear and 44 i think in the front. The track we ran at this weekend was the Buttonwillow, Ca kart track and I was told that it was very grippy due to the amount of the karts on the track over the previous week. Its a mostly left hand turn track. My question is that on a few of the turns i was lifting both inside tires allot. At one time it almost felt as if i was going to flip over. Im sure i was no where close but that is whats it felt like. I finished no where near the top but i can say that all of my times were within about 1.25 sec from each other. So my question is could I resolve this with more chassis tunning or is this more driver error than anything.

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    TJ Koyen

    If you’re bicycling you have too much weight transfer happening. How tall are you? You might want to double-check your seat placement to see if you can get laid down or back a bit more and get less transfer.

    Other things you can do to help the kart transfer less weight include:
    – Less caster
    – Narrower front track
    – Softer front bar/removal of front bar
    – Less seat struts

    Keep the rear at 55, narrower will make the problem worse.

    If there was a variance of 1.25s in your lap times, you probably still need to iron out your driving some more as well. Of course you want to be as consistent as possible and that will help you get a better feel for how the kart is reacting handling-wise. Consistent driving = consistent handling.

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    Bryan Williams

    Thanks for the advice. I’m 5’10 200. I run in a 360 class so I have no added weight. My sear is about 2 inch in front of my rear axle and the top is about 8 above. I will try narrowing the front also.

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