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    Jason Berry

    I have checked all of my TM inventory and I am going to sell all of it in a single lot. What I have includes

    1 SwedeTech prepped TM K9C cylinder w/ National Level Porting (double crown) – Fresh Plating Job with clean up and porting done by SwedeTech (Cylinder has national championships assigned to it) Sized to 53.93

    2 set of MISC TM Reed Sets – New
    1 set of SwedeTech TM Reeds – used
    1 set of SwedeTech TM Reeds – new

    Below all SKM brand 50mm 428 ERGAL Sprockets
    2 23T used
    2 24T used
    1 25T used
    1 26T NEW
    1 28T NEW

    Below all TM Brand counter shaft sprockets
    1 16T U
    1 15T U
    2 17T U
    1 17T N
    1 16T N
    1 19T N

    misc. base gaskets
    misc. head orings
    misc. exhaust gaskets
    misc. intake gaskets

    For everything, I want $1000.00 (cash price).

    My personal account and my personal opinion. This is not the opinion or commentary of my employer or any potential sponsor that may want to hand me a wad of cash so I can race again.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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