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    Bob Spedding

    My son runs an Arrow AX8 chassis.  We are new to the sport and I am looking to buy a few spare tie-rods for his kart.  The current tie-rods are 10″ long. What I don’t know is the size of the eyelets.  Would they be 8mm, 5/16th, 1/4th, 3/8th  ?  I didn’t know if there was  a standard size it should be for this chassis.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.



    tony zambos

    When you purchase the tie rod, ask the vendor for the appropriate left and right hand threaded ends. There is one of each per tie-rod. Probably 8mm. Don’t forget to get a couple of left hand thread jam nuts.

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    Bob – it might not be safe to “assume” they are OEM Arrow tie rods…  I would check with an Arrow dealer for what the OEM tie rods are and see if they can confirm what you have to be OEM.  Also, some chassis have offset tie rods, where the left and right sides are not the same length.  I would check this as well.


    Bob Spedding

    Thanks guys.  Tim, I would have no idea who is an Arrow dealer. I bought the kart from an individual.  How would I go about finding an Arrow dealer?


    Thanks for all your help


    Andy Seesemann



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    Walt Gifford

    Compare them to a bolt or nut with known thread.


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    tony zambos

    While you’re buying tie-rods, assuming they’re for spares, invest in a spare steering shaft.

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    Troy Berry

    You will want to get spare Heim joints. They usually bend or break with the tie rods.


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    Gary Lawson

    Comet has some oem tie rods still and also replacement rods from kart master or wild kart. Just call and provide length and what color you desire.

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