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    Howie Idelson

    I love you EKN but gotta put you on blast here. For over 15 years, you are and, have been my go-to place for info on the sport I love and you always deliver. There is a big race happening right now, in the US, where factory drivers from Europe are competing against some of America’s best. Not a peep here on EKN about it. Just wondering why no NEWS about it? Please explain… is this a political move? This, is kind of a big story for karting I would guess. I’m not a huge Rotax fan but I am a kart racing fan and this kind of stuff seems like it should be news.

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    Oscar Aguilera

    Was kind of wondering the same thing I saw pics from Karting in Vegas and came here for “karting news” on my electronic device. …and zippo? What gives


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    Joe Johnson

    I was watching Race monitor with a cool live feed.  Have seen posts on Facebook from teams and support companies.


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    Christian Fox

    Don’t think EKN is covering Rotax events any longer. There was zero coverage of Grand Nationals this summer as well, not even results let alone reporting.

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    Greg Dingess

    I hardly think EKN is to blame?  Maxspeed has their own internal media outlet, so the coverage is available.

    There is a big race happening right now, in the US, where factory drivers from Europe are competing against some of America’s best. This, is kind of a big story for karting I would guess.

    To be fair to EKN, there are TWO European factory drivers in a shifter class with 4 total entries.  Not really much to cover…

    I share your enthusiasm for karting, but I think EKN is doing the right thing but letting Maxspeed broadcast as they see fit.  JMO.

    Coverage is available here – http://maxspeedentertainment.com/mse-live/

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    Mark Traylor

    Yes there is a big race happening.  Rob Howden’s site Ekarting news is without a doubt the world wide leader in disseminating karting news.  Maxspeed has chosen another site and the way Maxspeed went about that piece of business was quite crappy indeed so I can not blame EKN for not posting stories.   I do think that Rob will post what is sent to him but that is about it.  By the way…185 total entries with 10 classes….not such a big race.

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    Rob Howden

    This is really just a straight up deal. There is no blackout or boycott. Maxspeed is free to submit articles and news releases to EKN and we’ll consider them for posting.

    That said, there is no longer a working partnership either. MaxSpeed dissolved its official media partnership with EKN last fall, right between the SKUSA SuperNationals and the Rotax Grand Finals, without letting us know. We were obviously disappointed with the way it went down, but in the end, they elected to partner with a different news site. That’s their perogative, of course. I had some great discussions with MaxSpeed’s Garret Potter after the fact, we discussed some potential options to move forward, but nothing came together, and the door remains open for them to send us news and releases. If you ‘search’ our site, you’ll see all of the official information that MaxSpeed sent us.

    The open door remains, as they can send us previews, reports or whatever. We just haven’t received anything from this weekend.

    Guys, we work diligently to support the community and the industry and we do so by forming positive partnerships. We’ve been extremely lucky to partner with events like the Rock Island Grand Prix for 15+ years, we’ve worked closely with Superkarts! USA since the late 90s and we have extended coverage and support efforts with Andy Seesemann at the Challenge of the Americas and Mark Coats and his USPK program. Our growing partnership with Dave Klaus and Briggs & Stratton is extremely important to us and it’s helping to stabilize grassroots karting around the country. We are working on a new program with the WKA that we’re thrilled about, and you’re going to hear news of an exciting karting event at IMS that will expose and promote karting to a new demographic. We have always been about win-win symbiotic partnerships. We’re always looking to add more partnerships with regional and club programs around the country. We’re also a business that needs to be fiscally responsible, and every time we leave the office, it costs us money.

    Finally, We are more than just about sharing photos or videos. EKN is focused on original articles, industry insider editorial and promoting the sport itself. And when we get a chance to be trackside, we work non-stop to provide live audio coverage, immediate session updates and in-depth race reports that can become the archived history of our sport.

    We enjoyed a multi-year partnership with US Rotax, and we provided lots of unique editorial. That partnership is no longer active, but we’ll keep publishing the information that is provided to us.

    Rob Howden - eKartingNews.com Publisher / Editor - @RobHowden

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    Mike Giles

    Diggin the live coverage – well done Maxspeed. My calendar is already blocked out for next years events.

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    Keith Bridgeman

    Maxspeed seems good with doing it own thing as far as coverage, guess we will see how that works out.   But they need to do a better job of doing there own thing with their series.   The Stock Honda and Rio deals is just coping competition to try to pull guys way from SKUSA.   Maybe they will figure out their own path at some point.

    It really is just the opening act for the big race in November.


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    Howie Idelson

    Thanks for clearing that up Rob. Bummer that karting has become such a land grab for such a small island. We’re all in it together and when these splits happen we all loose. EKN is still my first click when I want my karting fix.

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    Mark Traylor

    I apologize to Rob Howden if I put words in his mouth, it was not my intention.

    It is my personal opinion that Richard and Maxspeed as a whole have made some major mistakes this year that will hurt the program long term and has left a bad taste in my mouth along with many others.  Thank the karting gods for Briggs and Stratton, the amazing support from Curtis Ruth at Innovative Karting and Bernie Lacotta at Surfers Kart Parts for building the LO206 cadet program we have at PKRA.


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    Rob Howden

    Thanks for clearing that up Rob. Bummer that karting has become such a land grab for such a small island. We’re all in it together and when these splits happen we all loose. EKN is still my first click when I want my karting fix.

    Howie…it’s just a land grab for the big spenders, about 3% of the community. That’s why you see lot of Briggs LO206 four-cycle, Yamaha KT100, road racing and industry news on the site these days. There’s loads of karting in the sport, and club and regional races with as many drivers at what’s in Vegas right now.

    Heck, the finale at my local club had 140 drivers for a single day event, the Oktoberfest Grand Prix. I was slow and uncompetitive this time around, but I had a blast. And I’ll be back next year. #OperationGrassroots

    Rob Howden - eKartingNews.com Publisher / Editor - @RobHowden

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    Mark Traylor

    If you had  like button I would push it for you last post Rob.  Thank you for the coverage and support for the grass roots karting that you provide.  Karting can not survive as a national level only activity.

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    Howie Idelson

    I hear you Rob. Our little SoCal monthly club events get a few to come out too. LAKC feels like a National every month.

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