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    Richard talbert

    Does anyone know of any arrive & drive packeges for the 2016 rock island gp?


    David Cole

    Hi Richard,

    One option is the Margay Ignite Shootout. It is a full service program in the Margay Ignite category. And you have the option to race it in the other Briggs 206 categories.

    Here is a link to last year’s program

    David Cole - EKN Managing Editor


    Richard talbert
    • Thanks again David!

    Darren Harden

    Just sent you a PM about this Richard



    Is there any update on RIGP classes? We normally hear about them by now.


    Roger Ruthhart

    Website update is complete and we expect to launch registration soon… just waiting on a last minute tweak to the Supplemental Rules. Classes are essentially the same as last year except Margay Ignite Shootout Junior class will replace 80cc shifter. Here’s the list:

    * Yamaha Medium
    * Yamaha Heavy 1
    * Yamaha Heavy 2 (same tires)
    * B&S 206 Medium
    * B&S 206 Heavy 1
    * B&S 206 Heavy 2 (same tires)
    * B&S 206 Masters
    * Margay Ignite Shootout Senior
    * Margay Ignite shootout Junior
    * Clone Medium
    * Clone Heavy
    * TAG Senior
    * TAG Masters
    * King of Streets Open shifter
    * Masters 125 shifter
    * Vintage  Sportsman
    * Vintage Mac
    * Vintage Open

    Contact Keith Freber at Margay for arrive-and-drive information for the Ignite packages, which can also be raced in other LO206 classes.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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