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    Chris Reinhardt

    Everything you need to build a Superkart!!!

    Chassis Fixture

    Fixture for Uprights

    Fixture for Caster/Camber Bars

    Body Molds

    Steel Blanks for Uprights, Caster/Camber Bars

    Front Axles

    Front Brake Hubs

    Too Much to list, looking for a buy out on the whole package, Motivated buyer, make me an offer, I can only say no…



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    Chris Reinhardt


    Only place on the planet if you want a complete do it yourself winning Superkart chassis kit.

    Complete Inventory of Parts:

    Cobalt Chassis and Parts
    Chassis Fixture with Setup Chassis
    Axle Bracket
    Brake Lines:
    Front 12pcs
    Rear 6pcs
    Front 2pcs
    Front 4pcs
    Steering Shaft 1pcs
    Front Bumpers 2pcs
    Seat Cradle 1pcs
    Alloy Overflow Tanks 2pcs
    40mm Hubs 5pcs
    Master Cylinders 4pcs
    Brembo Caliper Rebuild Kits 7pcs
    Uprights 4pcs
    Front Wheel Hubs 4pcs
    Upright Bearing Carriers 46pcs
    Front Axles 16pcs
    Box Assorted Brackets, Tabs, Wing Mounts, Pedal Brackets
    Box Brake Balance Bar, Master Cyl. Mounts, Spacers, Springs,
    Box Assorted Tie Rods, Alloy Chain Guards, Kelgate Brake Pads
    Kelgate Sprockets:
    28t-1pcs, 27t-1pcs, 26t-5pcs, 25t-2pcs, 24t-3pcs, 23t-2pcs, 22t-2pcs
    Tube/Pattern for Pedals
    Flush Aluminum Aircraft Fuel Caps 2pcs
    Front Lower Upright Chassis Mounts 2pcs, and pattern
    Front Axle Bearing Spacers 6pcs
    Brembo Pads New
    Rear 2pcs, Front 4pcs
    Assort Brembo Parts
    New Rear Brake Hub, Front Engine Mount
    40mm Hubs 2pcs
    Front Upright Brackets 4pcs, Patterns and Fixture
    Motor Mount Isolators 8pcs
    Caster Camber Tube 9pcs
    Tabs 30pcs
    Throttle Stops 40pcs
    Assorted Bearing Tubes/Fixtures
    Front Master Cylinder Tubes 3pcs
    Steering Shaft Heim Joint Busing 30pcs, Pattern
    Taco Gussets 4pcs, Radiator Mounts
    Seat Upright Samples, Assorted lower seat Mounts
    Axle Bearing Mounts 3pcs, Steering Upright Tubes, Square and Round
    Caster/Camber Bar Samples, Assorted Brackets/Spuds
    Complete Set, Left and Right Caster/Camber Bars with Heims
    Clutch Handles 3pcs
    35mm Hubs
    Short 2pcs, Long 2pcs
    Assorted Tubes 20pcs
    Brake Clevis 12pcs
    Camber Mounting Blanks 50pcs
    Front/Rear Motor Mounts
    Steering Shaft Brackets 2pcs
    Pedal Levers
    Brake 4pcs, Throttle 7pcs
    Pedal Samples
    Rear Axle Brackets 9pcs
    Tie Rods
    3/8″ 5pcs, 8mm 4pcs
    Billet Caster/Camber Adjusters 75pcs
    Assorted Fairing Brackets 50+pcs
    Seat Mount Jam Bushing Blanks 40pcs
    Upright Upper Blanks 50pcs
    Upright Lower Blanks 50pcs
    Front Frame Rails 4pcs
    Complete Set of Body Molds
    Alloy Fuel Tank New

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    Chris Reinhardt


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      Gregory Stamm

      Chris,  Can you call me?  I have some questions on chassis construction.  Greg Stamm 248-930-7700

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