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    Chris Reinhardt

    CR2 Motorsports has purchased all of New Concept Designs Superkart body molds and tooling.

    I got into a conversation with Ed about building some bodywork, and he informed me he didn’t want to build the Superkart stuff anymore, so he offered the molds and tooling to me.

    This is a pic that Ed sent me of his bodywork, I have purchased several pieces over the years, and it always was really good looking stuff, and fit perfectly.
    Cobalt Bodywork

    I’m in the process of procuring somebody to fabricate the bodywork, I should have that nailed down in the next couple of weeks…

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    Dan Davis

    That would be good because I will be in need of a RH sidepod in black in the near future that was damaged.  Keep us up to date.

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    Hey Chris,

    I sure could use some of that body work.  When are you going to start producing the body work.


    Thanks Dean

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    Dan Davis

    Hello?  Anybody out there?…….

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    Chris Reinhardt

    Sorry Guys, I dropped the ball.  I was in the process of getting setup and life got in the way again…..  It’s probably going to be a couple of weeks before I get anything ready…

    Drop me a PM on what you’re looking for, I’ll get the ball rolling…

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