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    andy graham

    been looking at these tag engines…they look impressive, anyone have experience with them?  I know they are fairly new to the US market.


    Mike Myers

    Run Super Rok in the Rok Cup in Florida. They are good motor and faster than Leopard

    I think they are a better package than Leopard.



    Peter Zambos

    Be aware that they are typically not run in TaG classes.  As far as I know, this motor is not approved by WKA, IKF, SKUSA or TAG USA.  As a result, you may find limited opportunity to run it.


    Gabriel Urrutia

    Fall Winter  2014 Ocala Gran Prix  opened  Rok Classes for all ages so new Rokker owners could go race but its not a TAG approved engine yet . We  join same race together (Rotax/TAG/ROK) but different classes. Rok Master Weight Limit  Rok Cup Usa: 380Lbs  , Rok Master @ OGP :   405lbs


    andy graham

    thanks for the info….we’ll try and make the december 13th race.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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