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    Jimmy McNeil

    Just couldn’t resist ūüėČ


    Rob Howden

    Dude…you suck. ūüėČ See you in Grand Junction.

    Rob Howden - eKartingNews.com Publisher / Editor - @RobHowden


    Ted Hamilton

    Kickin’ the shifter category off with the age-old debate to boose your view count, eh? I see what you did there…

    2014 Praga Dragon / IAME KA-100


    Jason Bane

    Nice Jimmy, stress testing the new format huh?…..


    Tyson Henry

    I wish there was just one jetting I could use on my Honda. Too complicating changing jets.


    Riley Will

    Tyson, you are being a pussy!

    Jimmy, lets go Down Under for some Superkarting… I am transplanting some Canadian equipment in Adelaide.

    BTW, KZ kicks every Moto’s A$$!!!!


    Chris Reinhardt

    Riley, if that were true, KZ would be more popular here in the states where there’s a choice. The rest of the world, KZ is shoved down everybody’s throat….
    I’m with Jimmy on this one…..


    Chris Reinhardt

    CR2 Motorsports


    XV Racing Products




    Jeff DeMello

    Jimmy’s the man


    Gabriel Podboj

    Tom Bart… come on.. everybody is waiting for your now traditional BS against Honda.. it is classical already..


    Bernard Muminovic

    “The rest of the world, KZ is shoved down everybody‚Äôs throat‚Ķ.”

    Where do you come up with these things?


    Greg Wright

    So glad to see this topic come up so soon. I can hardly wait for the Chris vs Tom vs Chris vs Tom wrangle to resume on the new forum.

    Greg Wright
    Rapid Racing Inc.

    Greg Wright
    Rapid Racing Inc.

    "When in doubt Gas it, It won't help but it ends the suspense."


    Benn Herr

    It wouldn’t be home without ’em!


    Tyson Henry

    Tyson, you are being a pussy!

    Guess you don’t read these(or those) forums enough to get my reference. I personally don’t mind spending the 60 seconds to change a jet.


    Riley Will


    I was poking fun, no disrespect intended Thought I was going with Jimmy’s stirring of the pot.


    I personally think all 125’s are cool. Run what ya Brung is the flavor I like… Ive had and supported TM Moto, Yamaha Moto, Honda Moto, Pavesi FC/ICC/KZ reeds and rotarys, TM FC/KZ, Vortex FC/KZ, and Rotax disk valve along with Aprilia GP engines….

    Im glad to see Stock Honda bring great competition back to the sport too. Also from what I hear, the Eastern states have a great following of the purpose built engines. Its all good, but trying to change people’s opinions about which is better is kinda like telling them to change their religion. Just accept the differences and move on already…

    Shifter karting is definitely the most fun you can have in karting. It doesnt matter what type of engine you have on your kart, just as long as it has gears:)


    Frank Rapisarda

    Hey Jim Frank from NJ, great way to kick off the new look. If it is all about the money the cost of the parts alone will bankrupt most people. I can buy a complete honda crank for 135.00 to 150.00 everyday, cylinders 280.00 top end complete 125.00 for a KZ just a rod kit is 380.00 to 405.00 then send it to a shop to have it installed 50.00 – 75.00 A cylinder not sure but i am sure 500.00 plus, top ends 160.00 I live in the heart of KZ country ( NESS ) i am the only one that i know of with a mod honda. A good mod honda can run with the KZ no problem an not self destruct. I would like to see a real stock class, out of the box stock period for the honda and use a 05 motor, and have a box stock KZ class, if they get enough guy’s the class will live, if not buy a honda an have some fun, not like we make money in this sport, Oh and have a class like Riley said run what you brung, the only rule is it must be 125cc bring the family and friends and have a great day at the track.


    Tyson Henry


    No worries, I knew you were joking. You missed the point though. Mr. Tom Barth has a magic jetting for KZ’s that never has to be changed. Honda doesn’t have one. Such a hassle.


    Riley Will


    A guy by the name of Joe White and I had a conversation about the “fit all” jetting…. It was awesome, my stomach still hurts from Joe’s comments:). Not sure if he is that well known as a credible source or not.

    Btw, who is this Jimmy Mc”Big Wheel” Niel Kid? He sure is stirring the pot like he has done something or knows something…. Must be from Kalifornia!


    Tyson Henry

    Yeah, Jimmy should really get off the boards and go race in some big races or something.


    Spencer Uzri

    DD2 is where it’s at.


    Andrew Pachon



    Thomas Barth

    Wow!! I made it! Took a while but with some help from my friends wormed my way through the registration exercise for the new RH EKN format.


    Now to get down to business—-Honda bashing!

    It is still hard for me to understand why any self respecting karter would want to get into a shifter kart with an entanglement of hoses and wires, a exhaust pipe that is on backwards, then trust their skills to keeping the ugly beast on the track!!

    A post about the cheap parts for the dirt bike engine forgets that there are no longer any engines being produced. A fact that does not give one confidence in future service or parts availability.

    Just a week ago an ex Honda pilot showed his rear bumper to the reigning Honda king, Lance Lane . Congrats to Eric Chappell on taking his new Maxter to victory at the Grattan CES road race.

    I have a question for the Honda tuners, do you tune the Honda or just use the forum to tune up your B.S. skills?

    Anyway its good to be back¬†on track – gotta luv KZ. P.S. almost forgot…trying to find a used KZ, emailed a karter to inquire if he would sell his K9B. He said he couldn’t – already promised it to a Honda owner who wanted a real ride!


    Dave Stevens

    What’s a KZ?…


    Jimmy McNeil


    “Nice Jimmy, stress testing the new format huh?‚Ķ..”

    Proud to be the first to start the crap talking on the new EKN, I always enjoy these discussions.

    “Jimmy, lets go Down Under for some Superkarting‚Ķ I am transplanting some Canadian equipment in Adelaide.”

    Shoot me a pm

    If your going to meet that Sam character down there, take him a bottle of 409 for me.


    Bernard Adamson

    Tom Tom Tom,

    only half stories again i see…tut tut tut ¬†ūüôā

    “Just a week ago an ex Honda pilot showed his rear bumper to the reigning Honda king, Lance Lane . Congrats to Eric Chappell on¬†taking his new Maxter to victory at the Grattan CES road race.”

    Saturdays Race:



    Pretty sure that says Lance Lane P1…..hmmmmmm

    Eric, Ted, Joe & Daniel are not on Honda’s right ?….

    Joe Barth & Daniel Barth wouldnt be any relation would they….cough….nahhhhh couldnt happen ūüôā


    Sundays Race:


    Good job Eric…..

    Where did those Barth boys go ????…..Hang on let me find them …….

    Pesky old Honda……



    Sam Zavaglia

    Come down under Jimmy for some road racing, I’ll clean your ass with the 409.

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