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    Evan Fraser

    Hi EKN,

    I run a 2006 CRG Road Rebel with the 8-position caster/camber pills top and bottom in the yokes.  What I’m wondering is if anyone knows what the measurement of caster/camber is in the frame geometry, with the kingpin running straight from the top of the yoke to the bottom with no adjustments made with the pills.

    Obviously I can take a measurement with my snipers but I’m certain that my yokes are bent.  I’d like to know what I would see on the snipers if my chassis were fresh from the factory.  If anyone knows that would be a huge help.

    Thanks guys!

    Evan Fraser

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    Evan Fraser

    No one?

    If you put yoke lasers on the chassis, should they be pointing dead straight at each other with no deviation?

    By Yoke I mean the C-section, where the Kingpin goes through so you can check the inclination of the kingpin at the front hubs.

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    Patrick Roth

    While I can’t answer your question I certainly can refer you to people that are more than likely able to help.  Give CRG USA a call at (970) 256-0109 or (855)-TEAMCRG.  Super nice people to deal with!

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