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    Larry Prisco

    Hi guys I have a question for yous I have a 79 sprocket an a 13 clutch also a 66 sprocket an a 13 clutch which one will I hit the 13k first an what can I use to hit about 90mph. Thank You Larry.

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    Eric Alexander

    79T will hit 13k quicker.  66T will yield a higher top speed.

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    Ray Chiappe

    There is a formula which I am the last person to ask ask about it! But with a 16/70 my friend figured it was 95mph.

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    Steen Carstensen

    Larry, it took me all of 5 seconds to look this up on the internet, maybe you could do a search and figure these things out yourself.

    Anyway, here is how to calculate gearing and speed.


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