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    Robert Lawson

    Maybe…… hey, look at that!!! It only took about 8 attempts!!!!!!

    Off to MIS you go….. enjoy the ride!



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    Robert Lawson


    The countdown is on, we are 5 weeks away so get a check or money order in the mail sooner rather than later.

    I’ll have to make the call on a 1 day or 2 day lease in just 2 weeks AND pay for it so time is running out.

    Not throwing in the towel on a full weekend but it suddenly took a turn south. Many that made a verbal commitment to the full weekend have decided to pay for a single day and wait or have just changed their mind.

    We’ll stay after it until we’re out of time. Anyone who paid for the weekend will get reimbursed the $75 difference if we can’t make a full weekend lease.

    I don’t “do” social media, heck, texting is not something I enjoy! But, I did hi-jack the Wife’s FB account and send a note with info on the Test to Larry. He has a lot of karting “friends”. If you happen to be into that, let your friends know what we have going on.

    I haven’t uploaded any of the other video yet but I’m working on it. Back in 09′ and again in 2010 Grattan was repaved in segments. In the fall of 09′ brought phase 1 which started at the begining of the front straight and ended as you came off T3. Obviously phase 2 was from T3 back to the front straight. Each time Sam had called me, and asked if we would come out and turn some laps, absolutely free. Of course I accepted AND invited a few friends to come out as well. They just wanted our oppinion on a couple spots they reworked and how it felt compared to how it always was. I have video of these invitational pavement tests. I also found early tests of the ICC from Waterford Hills. That track is very short, very narrow, and very rough…but it is so close to home that we couldn’t pass up a chance to test brake rotors and pad material. We installed a new floor tray after that Test!!!

    That pavement at Grattan was brand spankin new & super duper slick, man you had your hands full. And Waterford…. I never used 6th gear and just barely touched 100 mph.

    I’ll try to get some of it up soon!


    Gregory Stamm

    Robert,  Do you have a paypal account?  I am out of town until 3/26 and don’t have any way to send you a check.  Greg


    Robert Lawson

    I do! Or did?

    I don’t know!!! 🙂

    Let me work on that, I’m pretty sure I do but its been years since I’ve used it.


    Robert Lawson


    It took awhile but I finally figured out the password and got back into my PayPal account.

    How it operates I have no idea, never got a payment on it before. Quit laughing, I like the aniquated old school paper option…. its brainless!!!!

    Now, can you tell me why the videos won’t load up here and how to fix it???


    Robert Lawson

    Still can’t get video link up on here???

    A few pages back the player was even visable, all I did then was copy & paste and it popped right up. For some reason even the “insert link” do-dad up there isn’t allowing a hyperlink to be added.

    Oh well, if you go to the YT channel you can see the Waterford video. I have litterally TONS of vhs tapes filled with racing action from the sidelines of the Lawson Brothers and their cohorts from all over. Its amazing to look back at and see how huge Road Racing was in the 80’s & 90’s, all the classes were big back then, especially the Unlimiteds. Good Times!

    Things are shaping up with the Test, we will certianly have enough participants for a Saturday. I’ll keep you informed of what to expect.

    Until next time….


    Robert Lawson

    Well, the impossible has happened. I have joined the 21st Century and given in to progress….

    I can now accept payments AND process them, through PayPal!!!! 🙂

    Oh boy, what is the world coming to…

    Robert Lawson


    (Thanks Dave!!!!)


    PS: Now, can someone PLEASE tell me how to post video???!!!!!


    Bob Kurkowski


    I was just watching a copy of the German Superkart documentary video made at Road Atlanta and could not believe the number of 250 Superkarts in attendance.

    You’re right, where have all the good times gone?

    Bob K.


    Bruce Peck

    Robert:  I just sent you an email . . .


    Robert Lawson

    Hey Bruce!

    Yeah I got it, sent you a response!!


    I was there with you at Road Atlanta that weekend. You were the last to fall asleep on me while I was driving us all back to Columbus!!! Not only some awesome racing that weekend but man can those Germans drink!!!!! Wow!! They are lucky Rich wasn’t there, they would still be telling stories at Oktoberfest back in the Old Country about the crazy American with the “bubble glasses”!!!!! He would have altered their family trees with that JD!!!! 🙂

    We had some good times at Mid-Ohio. All the Yamaha classes were huge, the 80/125 class was getting big, the B-ltd/Laydown Shifters had a big class and the 250 twins were all Rotax’s, and plenty of them! There was a small but solid following of Canadians too. Laydowns were the majority then, oh how times change.

    That October race every year was good fun man. I always ran good at Mid-Ohio, even back in the day with the ole stocker. Don’t know why, it was never a favorite of mine. Rich and I, Francis, Jimmy McGee, Harry & all of his Boys, Dennis, Brad & Sandy, Frank Dawley, Roger, Doug ….. and anyone else heading out at the same time…. we would all stop at the Hill overlooking the keyhole. We would watch the next race start and have a beer together. The trees were all yellow, orange & red. Just awesome! We knew it would be ALL Winter before we would be back together at the track so we took our time and soaked it all in. One by one we would say our good bye’s and folks would leave. Me and Richie were always the last to get going!!! Good Times indeed. The Best! (I have film from that hill too!!!)

    Guaranteed, if we get back there in June…. we’ll stop at that hill on the way out!


    Bob Kurkowski


    Meeting Richard with or without a ‘bubble glass’ is truly a life changing experience. LOL !

    Need to make a note to self and everyone else out there who roadraces, get up and get your kart going and go attend a race near you.

    Bob K.


    Robert Lawson

    Well Boys, the mail has come and the call must be made….

    We will not be doing the full weekend.

    Bummer, I know, I was really looking forward to just organizing on Saturday and doing all my testing on Sunday. The upside is IF we have to reschedule, its a single day, and our options are greater. Our first option would be Sunday the 9th IF it has not been booked by then now that its officially available. We will also now go back to the mid day lunch break.

    No measurable amount of snow out there now so thats good.

    I will be sending out refunds for the difference in cost for the weekend vs the single day. Those will go out first thing Monday morning.

    I was working on my kart today, getting er ready! Down 25 lbs the suit is comfy again, thats a bonus.

    Looking forward to it!!!!


    Robert Lawson

    ^^^Please read above notice^^^^

    Just noticed this….

    On 1-16-17 I first posted about the possibility of an April 2017 Track Day. On that day there was 4158 views to this thread.

    As of today, 3-17-17, there has been since then (8 weeks ago) 2900+ views here!

    Going back to the begining, pg 1, 1-13-16 was 1 year and 8 weeks (+/-) and we have seen more than 7000 views.

    That has to be somekind of record!!!!???? You could add all the threads on the first page, maybe 2, and not get that number of views.

    I get it, many of the same people look in multiple times. But, isn’t that also the case with all the threads????
    So, for the life of me, I don’t understand why we can’t get 100 guys to these test/track days.

    A VERY WISE MAN once said:  “Nothing grows without rain…..”

    I still dont follow, but it sounds really really smart and for some reason it fits here!!!!!! 🙂


    PS: thanks for ALL the help with the video thing fellas!!!! 😉


    Robert Lawson


    Checks went out this AM refunding the difference to those whom paid for the full weekend.
    Will be heading to the track on Thursday to sign the lease and work out the plans for lunch with Curt. After business is settled its time to play, will be joining Curt in an afternoon of target practice!!!

    I’ll get some video and give you an update later this week.

    We are forcast to have a sunny 50 deg day tomorrow, I plan on finishing up a couple things on the kart and running it for a bit. Gotta check Rich’s welding for leaks and give myself time to get it over to him if it needs touching up. Have some parts to order yet too, still have to get Rich’s engine running!

    Start getting geared up fellas, its just 2 weeks from this weekend!!!!


    Gregory Stamm


    I have spent the majority of the last two months out of town for work.  So, my kart is not complete and I will have one week when I return.  I am waiting until I get back to make sure I can get it together and ready before I commit the money.  Sorry for the late news, I originally was supposed to come home a week earlier, but my boss needs me to stay and I need the job.



    Robert Lawson

    No problem Greg, if you don’t end up getting it together you still accomplished something. You got me to get that dusty old PayPal thingy up and working!!!!

    It was a beautiful day here today, sunny and 57!!! The kart started on the 1st rip of the strap! Pipe needs touching up but for the most part I’m ready to go.

    Rich’s rig is another story. No time to get a jug out and back from the plater and the stocker we intended to bolt on for the day is not usable as it sits either. Will have to knock the sticky off his current jug and see if the plating is intact. If not I have already put a call in to Pops Moscone and he has a stock jug Rich can use for the day.

    We’ll be busy this weekend and next getting everything together!!!



    Robert Lawson

    We made the trip out to the track yesterday but did not get to turn a lap.

    The Grand Rapids Police were training all day and had been doing so since Monday!

    We did do a good bit of shooting AND I took my girls for a nice long walk out there which was worth the trip altogether! The brisk, fresh air, must have done their old body’s some good…. they are still sleeping it off at 9:45 am this morning!!!

    The track surface is starting to look like the old Grattan. There are large areas of sealer out there now and the Po-Po looked to be staying off of it where they could. Its bone dry out there, thats a good sign. If you watched the rescheduled video from last April there were huge areas of standing water just off the track in the grass. There is a bit of rain forcast, much like this side of the State, for the next couple days but it is “occasional”. I wont make a prediction yet but the 14 day forcast is “Cloudy & 56”. I’ll take that!

    Its early in the game of playing  Meterologist but keep Sunday the 9th open in your schedule just incase.

    Stay tuned!



    Robert Lawson

    The forecast looks pretty good for the entire weekend at this point.

    Sat 8th: Partly Cloudy H 58, Chance of R 20%, Humidity 67%

    Sunday is slightly better: Clouds & Sun, H 62, Chance of R 10%, Humidity 65%

    Some sun would be a bonus!

    Rich’s parts are arriving tomorrow, my pipe will be back then too. Fingers crossed, everything should be together and running this weekend!!

    Should be a good time, lots of laps!!!

    More soon!

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