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    Robert Lawson



    Lets give it a few more days before sending any payments. We are still short of 15 (need 2 more) and if 15 is all we get I have a feeling a few will then back out because of the increase. Let me make some calls and see how many on this list that are not looking in here will go to $200 before making a decision.

    * How many looking here would still be interested at $200??? Let me know.

    Sometimes its like fighting a loosing battle, the faster you bail the quicker she sinks!


    thats good to hear. A few other “veteran” karters have said much the same. Don’t get me wrong, I still dig the racing, but, for the $$$$ you can get a ton more on test/tune/track days.

    I hope I can get this little tour worked out for the end of the month. Cher has not seen that part of the Country (Finger Lakes, Pocono’s) and I know she’ll really enjoy it.

    OK, I’ll get to work and see if we can figure this out!


    More soon


    Robert Lawson

    Hey Guys,


    I have an OK from eveyone for Sunday 10-16-2016 @ $200 ea.

    There is no time to mail checks so I will do the unthinkable and collect CASH at the track!  I’m trusting that all of you will show and not leave me hanging with the bill. The track requires payment in cash so please bring the right amount.


    We will be watching the weather this week, and if need be, we’ll make a change no later than Friday PM.

    I’m trying to get another guy or 2 involved, I didn’t intend to participate but if we’re short one…and I have to pay for it anyway…I may as well turn some laps…right???

    I’ll keep you updated,



    All the normal details apply. (will check on race gas availability)

    Saturday night camping, on track 9am – 5pm, lunch break near noon.


    Todd Stoffer

    Woo! Thanks, Robert… will be there with cash in hand.


    Robert Lawson

    No problem Todd, lets be sure everyone runs all day so we can do a full group rolling start!!!!


    Spoke to Sam, he WILL have 110 leaded race gas if needed.


    Rich came by earlier, his Honda is stuck so he is out. I plan to be at the track between 2-3pm Saturday. While waiting for the “tuner car guys” to finish their day I’ll pull the kart out and get her prepped up. Will be camping out in the trailer in the upper paddock Saturday night if anyone wants to arrive early.


    I hear Larry is going to bring lunch and cook for us??? Hmm, sounds good to me!!!!


    Should be a good time, lets pray for nice weather!!!



    Robert Lawson

    Still looking for a guy or 2 to get on board.

    We are back in the “no-go” zone as we were already short and lost one of our regular guys. I’m all for paying 1 spot and turning some laps but thats as far as my participation is going fellas.

    I’m out of ideas, I called all that I know and best I can come up with is 1-2 that are still on the fence (and not looking good).


    Robert Lawson

    Its only mid-day Wednesday.

    Here is the current weather forecast for 10-16:

    Accuweather: H 68, considerable cloudiness with little rain, chance 68%

    TWC: H 66, steady rain early, then remaining cloudy with a few showers, chance 100%

    Saturday looks beautiful! Hee, hee….. maybe the table will shift and Saturdays forcast will spill over on Sunday!!! Hear is to hoping!!!

    We’ll keep watching it!!!!




    Todd Stoffer

    So is it on or not? If so I would like to start loading up the van tonight.

    Latest forecast is for showers before 8am and chance of showers after. I’ll take that chance.


    Robert Lawson


    I have been telling everyone to go through the motions, that we will wait until Saturday AM to make a decision to call it off if it looks too bad. I’m getting ready like I’m going, my plan is still to drive out Saturday early afternoon and work on the set up while waiting to get in the paddock.

    Unfortunately, it will only take 1 guy not coming to shut this thing down.

    On a side note, it will be 35 degrees or so here tonight….. so I put ANTIFREEZE in the hotrod just to be sure!!!!!!


    We’ll keep a close eye on it for another 36 hours or so…..


    Robert Lawson

    Kart Guys, they never cease to amaze me……

    These guys are nuts, they all agreed to head over to Grattan knowing we will see AM rain over there!!!

    Maybe I’m just loosing it, luster gone, fair weather fan…. or just gettin old!

    So, were “on” for Sunday. Even though I feel like the Captian from Perfect Storm!
    I’ll be prayin for a miracle!!!
    Safe trip Y’all, see you Sunday Morning


    Robert Lawson

    Back home early and…..

    Nope, I’m not losing it, the luster is still there and, ok, I might be getting a little tiny bit older, but thats all!!

    Man, the downpoured began at 5:30 am and did not stop for 2.5 hours. It kept on at a decent rate for another couple hours then a sprinke turned to a mist and it all stopped near 11 am.

    I should have taken GoPro video, the amount of standing (and flowing) water was insurmountable! I did get some cell video of the waterfall rushing down the monza…it was so deep and so fast it had waves in it!!!! If we were able to work in a dry line the mutiple flows would have made it impossible to “test” and get good data.
    So, we never did get on the track….BUT, Larry came through with the groceries and Curt cooked it all up. At least we had a nice feast together!

    Thanks to the guys, they all kept their word and showed up. Unfortunately I believe I’ll receive a call from Sam tomorrow. Curt sent a text just 20 minutes ago, he said “Good call, it never dried”.

    If I do get out and surface test anything in the next couple weeks I’ll post it here.

    See Y’all!





    Robert Lawson


    I just can’t let this go….

    I called Gingerman, they really have nothing left to rent. This weekend is their last, next weekend they will be winterizing the buildings…. clearing water lines etc.  I asked if we could turn laps while this process was on going but the manager was not available. They will be calling to advise.

    I also called Waterford Hills and left a message. Not sure what is happening over there just yet.

    This may be, if it happens at all, a weekday gig….if anyone is interested.

    I sent Dan Barth a note, he’s up for it!

    Let me know guys…


    Todd Stoffer

    Not sure if I can do a weekday at this point. I would need at least a week’s notice so I can figure out some way of playing hooky.


    Robert Lawson

    Gingerman is out, they want 3K for 1/2 a day on a weekday this coming week.

    I’m trying to raise someone at Waterford today, I’ll keep you informed!!!


    Robert Lawson

    Happy New Year Guys!!!!

    Watching the race-monitor for the event at Daytona got a few of us that didn’t attend fired up to play with the karts. I have been working on repairing my “good” pipe that broke 2 years ago!!!! Thankfully Larry had given me a bunch of prerolled cones and we found a portion that suitably replaced the shattered bit so…… we have something (a reason!!!) to TEST!!!

    I have stayed in contact with the Boys at Grattan and just got a few dates for an April Test Day…… or 2!

    Thats right, I said or 2….. meaning a complete weekend.
    I can hear y’all thinking already 🙂

    It would be the first ever 2 day TEST. Think about it….. I’ll have more very soon!!!!

    Stay warm out there!!!





    Dennis Chappell


    Your always thinking. 2 days sounds like a fun weekend. Just purchased a RV so bring it on. Just tell Eric to open that wallet.

    The Chappell’s


    Bruce Peck

    Wow Robert.  You are READING MY MIND.  I was at Daytona and am still pumped up so was just getting to ready to ask if this had been thought about yet.  I’m switching my 150 test machine over from the dual alky burners (Brian Wilhelm called it a four headed monster) to a large single gas carb to make things more manageable so I’ll be ready to test even if it’s cold.   Bring it!


    Robert Lawson


    Nothing like that first trip to the track with a new RV!!! Eric is my Bro, he will be fully “IN” I’m sure. 😉


    I was going to ask you about that but figured the motor came as a package with good test notes as a base.

    Back in the day I had a watercooled 100cc Open rotory valve engine and I started on a big gas carb to work out the bugs first. We then went to Colver mod Alky carb (360 deg fuel feed venturi) and she really went fast! Got greedy though, sent her out to Greg Campbell (may he rest in peace!) to be opened up to a 135cc. It thumped, that thing could pull a skid of bricks!!! Unfortunately I kept spinnin too many rev’s on that big bore and blew it up 1 too many times!!! Man those were good times…. Campbell lit me on fire with ether at Mid-Ohio when it backfired trying to start it in cold weather early one Spring. His last contraption was a highly modified TKM 130 (150cc!!!) with rotory valves and intakes/carbs on both sides of the bottom end!!  He was nuts, but in his day SUPER fast!!!!

    Moral of the story? Stay away from the well meaning Campbell’s out there and get on that gas carb and have fun!! 🙂

    Very much looking forward to running Mid-Ohio in June. Sooo many stories from down there over the years….. my return is overdue!



    Jerry Revely

    We will be there.


    Robert Lawson


    Of course you will….. It wouldn’t be a “family reunion” with out you!!!! 🙂



    Robert Lawson

    Here are a few things to chew on….

    Available April dates: 1-2, 8-9, 0r 15-16

    Need some feedback on your preferance.

    I do have a plan for single day/full weekend participation costs if we do get enough interest to do a full weekend. Also, I am not against inviting the USGPRU guys out to share time with us to make the full weekend possible.

    Been thinking about a “buddy drive” sometime on Saturday for friends, pit guys, or newbies to get a chance at turning a few laps so maybe we can get a hook in them!! Of course, even though I’m on a strict diet, we will have Dinner after track hours on Saturday for everyone. I should be ready to cheat by then. 😉

    One change regardless of format is a formal Insurance program. We (Myself, JW, etc) have been treading dangerous waters according to Tim at AKRA and it really is time for all of us to be covered as we would at a Race Event. Don’t freak out…. I think I can work this out so its very cheap by comparison. We have had a stellar safety record to this point and now I want to guarantee if anyone IS injured that they get the best attention afforded to them.

    More to come!!!



    Todd Stoffer

    I would say the later in April the better chance for good weather, but you never know with Grattan!

    Say when I’ll be there.



    Bruce Peck

    I’d also vote for later although with my luck it will be sunny and 70 on April 1 and snowing on the 15th.   I’d be in for two days if it works out.  My little two man team has multiple things we would like to test.


    Dave Ahrens

    I agree with the later date for possibly better weather but if we went with an earlier date would the later dates still be available for make up dates if we had bad weather?


    Robert Lawson

    I like the way you think Dave!!!

    Checking into this and a few other things as well, right now.

    I have a feeling a “weekend” lease is a take-what-you-get situation (short of snowfall!!) simply because there is 2 days of track time. The single day rentals are easier to reschedule, its only because the Sunday on a single day rental (early in the year) is usually still unbooked. When you try to move an April date to later in the year, more times than not, you get a weekday for the make-up date.

    Just a heads up, the 16th is Easter.

    More coming as soon as Sam calls back!!!




    Dave Ahrens

    I didn’t realize the 16th was Easter; probably a good idea to avoid that day.

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