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    Robert Lawson


    Its been a long day for sure!!!!

    All the calls and texting, emails and messages…..my brain was fryed! I think I’m suffering from Radiation Brain due to holding that phone to my head so long the last few days!!!

    This weather has messed up the “Spring Training” part of this thing, thats for sure. I did get out there and back, plus just finished uploading and attaching the video to a mass email to most of you.

    Next stop was right here. Didn’t want this info out “in public” until the parties involved could be notified. I made those calls and we can now move forward with a new date for the Test. This is a copy & paste of the email I just sent out:



    After reviewing the input from all of you, of the 2 dates we had to choose from, the majority consensus was that July 8th is the best fit for a make-up date. All but 1 participant will be able to make it, and from that total, only 1 has said they would not be able to stay for the race event that weekend.

    I know this is not what was originally planned or intended but I had no control over the outcome.

    A closed, private test, is what this will be. Only the original participants, their crew members, and my volunteer help for the April 9th date will be admitted on July 8th. All others must wait outside the circuit until the day is finished.

    PS: Dave Ahrens, please send a note back I have some info for you!

    Any questions, y’all know where to find me!!!



    This is what we would have had to deal with out at Grattan if we had not postponed the Test Day:



    I did the best I could to “please everyone” and as you can see, the damage was minimal. Dave Larson @ CES was not too happy to hear about this but it was cleared by the management before we took our video lap of the facility today. No one can control the weather, we get another crack at this so lets pray for good Summertime weather for the entire weekend in July.

    As mentioned, any questions, just ask.


    Thanks for your patients in all this Boys.




    Todd Stoffer

    I wasn’t planning to race at Grattan in July, but I guess I am now… See you guys at MIS in May.


    Robert Lawson


    Although that isn’t a prerequisite I’m sure Dave will appreciate hearing that!

    I sumized this date over the other from “ability to make it”. 1 driver will be out of the State at that time and completely unable to attend. All others, yourself included, said they “could make it”. It may not have been everyones first choice but it was still the majority’s first choice by a 3-1 margine.

    With a frozen/damaged engine this really hurts my plans and intentions. Not sure what I will do or not do in the month of May.

    As the famous saying goes: “There is a first time for everything”

    Now, we have had to reschedule for the first time!
    Thanks for the input Todd!




    Bruce Peck

    Robert I’m just going to say right now – THANKS.  I know this has to be a bitch to get lined up each time when it goes well and this kind of mother nature crap really makes it crazy especially when there has to be a reschedule.   So I want to nominate you for karting bad ass dude of the year – hell, probably the decade.  If I get the opportunity some day I will buy you a nice dinner or at least pay your bar tab.  Well wait, maybe I should have an understanding of how much you can drink first 🙂


    Robert Lawson

    Thanks Bruce!!!

    Thats awfully nice of you to say.

    It was a bit of a headache….literally, but its past us now and we need to adjust.

    I am going to do the best I can to lose some of this weight, at least so I can get into Rich’s kart. If successful, and if things work out, I would try my kart at MIS and if it was bad news then I would run Rich’s kart there.

    I did pick up the 250 engine and bits last Saturday. Will have to go through that engine and compile a list of parts before investing time into mounts, exhaust mods, body panel, etc. After MIS I’ll know if this is the road I will travel, then, having it ready for the Test in July is a reachable goal. Weather will be beautiful this weekend so I’ll run water through everything and see if it doesn’t piss out right here in the garage!

    I don’t drink anymore, but, maybe one day I can get a ride in that BRC of yours…..but only if it has a slippy pipe…..I miss the slippy pipe!!!!


    PS: Completely forgot about this,  I had to come back and tell y’all about this “lost” video I found today hidden in my YouTube channels “video manager”. You can read the details in the description section but I was amazed to find it just sitting in there never published!

    Take a look: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41Y8_thWx18


    There is a suprise in there early on!!!!



    Bruce Peck

    What a difference a week makes . . .  🙂


    Robert Lawson

    Yeah….it figures right???

    I had a good time on the Bike this weekend!!!! 🙂


    Robert Lawson

    Hey fellas,


    Just a quick update on the repair to my engine:

    I’ll be a spectator this weekend at MIS but the news is actually good!


    See you on Saturday at MIS!


    Robert Lawson

    Hey Guys!


    Its time to dust this thing off and get to getting it!!!!

    This is just a wake-up call right now but will have some new info coming very shortly. Some changes have been made, obviously, we have a weekend race event immediately following our test day.

    With that knowledge I would expect your plans may have changed. On a single day test format you may not bring the entire family (excluding the Chappells 🙂 )  like you might for an event weekend.

    So, I’ll need some info from y’all. Let me know how many are in your crew so I have enough to feed everyone!!!!! 😉

    You can hit me here or on email. f-125@hotmail.com


    By the way, we will take a short break (if necessarry) at lunch for the marshalls but Curt will prepare our brisket and fixin’s for DINNER…..directly following the end of the day on track.

    More to come, looking forward to getting out to the track!!!!!




    Todd Stoffer

    Two humans, two dogs.


    Robert Lawson

    “A closed, private test, is what this will be. Only the original participants, their crew members, and my volunteer help for the April 9th date will be admitted on July 8th. All others must wait outside the circuit until the day is finished.”  (April 9th, 2016)




    I have taken a few of calls & email from guys whom have asked to swap or otherwise transfer their spot in this Test Day to someone else.

    When it was 1 person I thought…”gee, what can it hurt?” I tried to be “Mr. Nice Guy”  This week, and this weekend in particular, it seems to have blown up to a few more. So, I’m stoping this right here.

    If you paid to TEST in April, you got a gift of a second chance when we rescheduled, which by the way no Org’s offer!

    I won’t take “testing” away from those whom paid for it, so others can sell off to guys whom want to “practice”. No sir, if you would have missed the day in April had it gone off on schedule you would have been S-O-L.


    So, in short, no regifting!


    Sorry fellas, this is how it has to be. I’m sure there will be plenty of guys parked outside watching us go round and round and not enjoying it. I told the Management at Grattan, and Dave himself, that we would not be taking entries from the Event and I intend to keep my word.


    I appoligize for any misunderstanding.


    PS: That 1st guy is now coming!!!!




    There will be me and dad, possibly mom on Friday. However, knowing our past history we will grab my lady after work and go get some grub together so don’t worry about us food wise.  Looking forward to see all you guys next week!  Hopefully I’ll be up and running in time.

    2008 GP 8 Honda 125 / TM K9B
    Building F125 Enduro


    Robert Lawson


    Sorry for the delay on a final update, I have been just swamped the past 10 days.


    I would like everyone to arrive Friday by 7am if possible. We will have a driver pow-wow/marshall briefing and answer any questions at a meeting 8-8:30am. We get started on track at 9am sharply.

    For anyone that can not make it before 9am when we get started, we will NOT stop green sessions to open the gate. Only after stopping a session for pick-up will we allow the gate to be opened to the infield.
    We have a standard 10 minute rule for pick-up. Sessions will be no shorter than 10 minutes, if you are first out…and first off….you will wait 10 minutes to be picked up. If we go green for 20, 30, 40 minutes, then someone goes off, we start a 10 minute clock for pick-up.

    Once again, we are testing. Long green runs is the object.



    If you are NOT renting a garage for the race event I strongly suggest you park/pit in the lower paddock so you will not have to pack up and move after 5pm on Friday. The weekend event gets started at 6pm. If you usually pay for upper paddock parking/pit you can still do that, just check with me before parking. We will want to leave the CES spots in the upper paddock open for Dave and his crew.

    We WILL take a 1/2 hour break for the Marshalls mid-way through the day, again, I am providing Dinner for all drivers & their crew, Marshalls, and EMT’s, immediatly following the conclusion of the test day in the MX garage at the gate.

    I will jump back here as soon as someone answers a phone at the track with info on Thursday camping, race fuel, weekend garage fees, upper paddock parking fees, etc.

    Kenny, Rich, Chuck and I intend to drive out Thursday afternoon and camp overnight. I assume most of the benifits afforded us at April test dates will still be available next weekend but I will confirm all of this asap.


    Any questions just call, text, email or drop it here.




    Robert Lawson



    Just spoke to Sam at Grattan.

    He will allow Thursday camping/trailer drop off for all test day participants whom want to take advantage of being set-up at the track in the AM Friday at no additional charge.


    Standard weekend fees:

    Camping fee: $30

    Upper Paddock pit/parking fee: $20

    Garage fee: $100

    As I mentioned above, if you do not intend to rent a garage or pit in the upper paddock for the weekend you should find a spot in the lower paddock. There will not be time or room to relocate your pit before the Event participants begin to enter the  facility.

    Standard format for test day is to enter the track ONLY from the lower paddock at the jump (station 5) on the back side of the circuit. All drivers pitting in the lower paddock will exit at turn 3 to their pit. All drivers pitting in upper paddock will exit at the turn 12 pit lane entrance to their pit. Obviously you do not “race” through the paddock to and from the Circuit.

    Race fuel is available, 110 leaded @ $9 per gallon. They will also have bagged Ice @ $2 each.

    The forecast looks about 50/50 for Friday but we will have to wait and see how it plays out.

    We will be renting a garage for sure!

    Drink lots of water this week guys, it will be hot and humid out there….typical Grattan in July!


    Safe trip Y’all, see you at the track!!!





    Robert Lawson

    Well that was FUN!!!

    We fought a strong storm Thursday Night where the water was pouring off the roof of the garages. The gutters just could not keep up.

    Friday started out very foggy but we got started on time at 9AM as it burned off quickly. Most everyone arrived in the AM, and we ran long green sessions with only short stops to pick up some karts here and there. TONS of track time through 3PM. We got a 15 minute downpour at 3, we asked for help running vehicles to dry the steaming asphalt!!! It dried in record time, surely we were looked upon favorably from above. We were running green again by 4PM and ran non stop to the end of the day.

    I tried to simulate the same gearing effect from last October, (smaller rear tire diameter on standard gering) with my standard rear tire while adding a tooth to the rear. It was not exactly the same rev range, actually I prefer the feel/rev’s of the smaller tire set-up to what was tested but it was still very fast. We even tried back-to-back runs with the std tire and std gearing and our findings were accurate, it lapped faster on the added tooth of gear.

    It was very hot in the early to mid afternoon, humid as well. I jetted down twice but all I accomplished was higher EGT and H2O temps….no added speed. After the rain/track drying the track was still good but my used tires were not holding on as well as earlier, that may have added to the lack of lap time too.

    So, I put a set-up on at home….ran it…..took it all off….changed it and ran it again….then went to a std set-up and ran that….then, after being the LAST to leave the Dinner table (nice talking to some folks!) went back to work putting the “home” set-up on and rejetting for the cooler weather on Saturday. We got a lot of things on and off the kart, it would have taken 3 weekends of race practice to accomplish that. It was a very long day but worth every lap!

    Dinner was awesome! Man that Curt can cook some smoked meat!!!! Over 14 lbs of Brisket and 21+ lbs of Pork tenderlion…..even the EMT’s stayed over after working the Test to join us. Everyone enjoyed the food and comrodery.

    I must thank Bob & Dennis Cole for handling all the kart pick-up, Dennis Bernier donated all the Soda and Ice to cool it down, my crazy brother Kenny for….well….entertaining everyone as the MC on the PA, all the participants and especially those whom helped get the track dry so we could finish the day running!


    You guys are all AWESOME!!!!!!

    We did intend to stay and race Saturday, I worked on my kart until 10:30pm Friday night along side Tony working on his 250 preparing to do just that. In the morning there were a few different issues thrown at us, no sense in getting into to it here. I simply decided not to have a confrontation, so we bailed out. Too bad for us, there was a decent turn out for a change and we had a fast kart.

    Again, thank you folks for staying with this thing through the rescheduling and the weather delays.

    See you next time!!!




    Robert Lawson

    PS: Did anyone else get onboard video???

    I had trouble with the GoPro and got just 1 run that recorded any laps!!! I’ll try to get mine up later today.

    (6 hours later stuck at 76% uploaded???)



    Robert Lawson

    Christian Carlson sent this to me, hope he doesn’t mind my posting it.



    *** Looks like he got the date wrong huh???



    Dennis Chappell


    Thanks for another great test day. Everything was great track time, people, and food. Seen a little air under that kart of yours at the jump. See ya next time.

    The Chappell’s


    Robert Lawson

    Hey Dennis!


    You are most welcome, great to hang out with FAMILY and enjoy a day at the track! 😉

    Yes, we were getting some “air time” over that jump. Others said the front was lifting, the rear was clearly off, and…the entire kart had light between it and the track surface!

    You really don’t get a feel for that as much as you would think, everything gets real smooth for an instant but front or rear up….not so much. I was able to stay on it right to the point of lifting off though.

    Finally got this video to upload, not sure why but this has happened before. The resolution is terrible! I had recorded 5 runs but this is the only one that kept recording longer than 20-30 seconds for some reason???

    You can see that the track is getting rough again, I avoid the washboard coming off T9 before heading up the hill to the front straight. Always have, guess its just habit.



    I found this one as well:



    Would like to see more of this stuff, post it up guys!!!!




    Robert Lawson

    WOW, I just sync’d those 2 video’s up and let them run….thats cool!!!


    Todd Stoffer

    Hey, That’s me in the last video. Had a great time, thanks for everything, Robert. My ribs are still sore.

    If you do it again next April let me know – I’ll be there. Hopefully the weather will cooperate.


    Robert Lawson

    Absolutely Todd, no worries bro!

    With any luck the new ownership of Nelson Ledges will continue the upgrades of the grounds and the Management will stay in touch when new asphalt goes down! Would LOVE to do some Test Days at Nelson again, super fun layout there in Amish Country!!!!

    Here is a quick drone clip, you can see old buildings are gone and many trees removed as well…. https://youtu.be/SVxyI0isTjs

    To those whom have contacted me or spoke with me about doing more of these Test Days at other tracks….I have been looking into it heavily since last weekend. Getting pricing on week day and weekend dates, also looking at taking a kart to some of them for surface testing. I have a short list of at least 3 where karts do not race and 4-5 more where they do.

    We’ll see, adding bikes or even cars is possible if there are not enough karts.


    More soon.


    Robert Lawson

    Just a heads up, I’m talking to Grattan about an October date.

    If you have a preferance (early or late) let me know.


    Robert Lawson


    These are the available Saturday dates for October 2016. 15th, 22nd, and 29th.

    So, the earliest date of the 15th would be a full 5 weeks after Gingerman and 3 weeks after MIS.

    If anyone is interested in doing a test day in October please contact me via email or leave a note here.





    Jerry Revely

    I vote Oct 15. I will be there.

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