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    Todd Stoffer

    April weather is always “iffy” in the Great Lakes region. If it comes down to committing to one weekend or the other the odds favor the later weekend for better weather. But I’ll be there no matter what.


    Robert Lawson

    Hey Y’all,

    Met with the Doc, there are very few good ones out there but I really like this guy. After all the medical talk I had to ask about driving the kart. As I explained what exactly we do with these things he said what I though he would… “I suggest you DO NOT drive that thing while on this med.”

    So, he’s telling me there’s a chance!!!!!  🙂

    I go back for a recheck and ultrasound April 2nd, if it looks good I stop the meds and can drive on either the 7-8 or 14-15!!!! If not, well, its another 3 months and another recheck/eval. (just in time for VIR!!)

    Now, the April 2nd appointment took some doing. I duped the girl at the counter…. she wanted to set it up for the 16th….AFTER any opportunity to do the test day. “You wouldn’t happen to have an opening in the first week would you???” I told her why, after scheduling me for the 2nd, she smiled when I said…. “You can’t blame a guy for tryin, right!!”  She agreed!

    I have looked in here but didn’t bother to post because Y’all were on a roll & started responding. I’m getting a bit creative and doing some shopping for a more appropriate policy that works FOR us instead of against us. Have not had a bunch of preference as to one weekend over the other, a few emails but not really related to the full weekend. As we start to come out of the deep freeze I expect things to pick up. The Doc cleared me to go back to daily life, the leg is still not 100% but I can get a good 1/2 day on it before needing to take it easy. So, I hope to be out in the garage tomorrow and over the next couple days shoot a short video.

    Since the test in Oct I have had a hand in sourcing/purchasing 3 karts for new or returning drivers. In each sale these guys all got a good deal on both sides. Gotta do our part guys, no one will do it for us!

    Need a bunch more feedback on a full weekend guys!!!

    More coming, I’ll post up some video soon!




    Robert Lawson


    Just a quick note, I spoke with the boys at the track Sunday and after a bit of a consortium we all agreed to the later date of April 14-15.

    No one has called about either of the open April weekend dates but I felt its time to nail down one and start moving toward working it out.

    I should have Insurance & pricing detail this week.


    Stay tuned!


    Tony Catenaro

    Sounds good to me robert i will be ready


    Robert Lawson

    Looking forward to it Tony.

    I need to get that spare cylinder over to you for welding!!!

    I found yet more lost video. This time its Grattan clips, 3 of them, 1 from Nov 09′ and 2 from Oct 10′. In the Fall of those years the track had its last repaving. Done in 2 phases, the first in 09′ and the remainder in 10′. We were asked to come out and turn some laps so they could check out the transitions and get our oppinion of the surface.

    These are bonus outings that are just plain fun. Of course, I dragged a few friends out with their karts too. Afterall, what are friends for but to chase around the track!!! I’m posting the 09′ clip, you can see the others at the YT channel. READ the description for each…. they tell the story.




    Robert Lawson

    Its now after 5pm and I have not gotten an answer back from my Insurance
    provider so details are gonna have to wait a few more days.

    I am planning on getting out to the garage, doin’ a bit of work and shooting a quick video. I got to feeling good last week, then, like most of us do, I did too much…….. and hurt my back! 3-4 days of heat and rest was all I could do. Sittin’, standin’ or anything else just lit me up. SO, slowly going back to playing games out there with the kart.

    You HAVE to see how smooth that Phase 2 portion of Grattans repave was. The 2nd Phase was from exit of T3 all the way back to the front straight. SUPER slick, had to short shift or you’d just lose it!

    If you have never driven a perfectly smooth Grattan, you have to go for a ride with me!!! Trust me, it will not look or feel anything like this in April!

    Part 1:

    Part 2:



    Robert Lawson

    Just wanted to stop in and let you know I’m still working on it!!!

    I was out blowing snow and just loving it! Got my fix, I topped off the little Snapper with race gas and WOW did the entire neighborhood smell like the track!!!! That little blower was running awesome!

    Hope to have all this stuff hashed out by the weekend and get final pricing for entry early next week.

    Thanks for your Patience boys!!!!




    Robert Lawson


    I nailed down what needed to be worked out, here is some info for you!

    As of now, just like last April, I will plan on a full weekend program. If we don’t have enough participation for that to take place the call will be made 2 weeks prior to the 14-15 weekend. I will refund the difference to all whom paid for a 2-fer if we only get the 1 day.

    2 Day entry, per driver: $300
    1 Day entry, per driver: $200

    I will accept Sunday only 1 Day entries. If we go to a single day program there is no telling which of the 2 days will be chosen by Mother Nature! We will just have to see how it turns out.

    The costs have gone up a bit but the math still proves this to be the best $ per hour you will find ANYWHERE.

    I’ll break it down for Y’all:

    2 Day entry = $21. 43 per hour @ 14 total hours (8 hr days,  – lunch breaks)
    1 Day entry = $28.58 per hour @ 7 hours (8 hr day,  – lunch break)

    Again, the Indoor rentals charge $20 @ 8-10 minutes ($120-$150 per hr!)
    Actually, they are not far off what you pay to chase a piece of wood, or beer mug at your local Road Race events per hour either. ($150 @ 3 x 8 min practice runs and a 30 minute trophy dash)

    Hey, we can’t complain about the bathrooms anymore so you have no reason NOT to get involved! As always, lunch OR Dinner is on me.

    I will answer all your questions here or email here: f-125@hotmail.com

    April will be here before you know it! ( 8.5 weeks???)

    More to come!






    Robert Lawson

    * (^ Please see Pricing/Breakdown above ^) *

    A couple more details:


    NO, race fuel will not be available at the Track!

    YES, Friday and Saturday night camping will be FREE!

    IF we do a full weekend the lunch breaks will only be 30 minutes, Dinner will be served in the MX garage for all drivers and crew right AFTER the closing of on – track activities Saturday. ALL participants are welcome. (yes, you can dine & dash!)

    I am back in the garage today, spent a few hours reassembling the joint after working on snowblowers and other junk. Got my new Rad mount/retainer all fab’d up and ready to install. Will need yet another air box, the changes need to the last temp box is more work than making a new one! Carbon this time… I’m confident this entire set up is going to work!

    We will start taking entries Monday 2-19-18. I’m going to try to get a pdf ready to email out with the “pre-track checklist” so y’all can fill it out before arriving & save time.

    More soon!

    PS: Larry Rumsey and I both celebrate our birthdays today!!!!! (LAR is older than me!!!) Happy Birthday Larry!!!!

    Check or MO here:

    Robert Lawson
    17731 Ivanhoe St.
    Roseville, MI. 48066

    OR Paypal to f-125@hotmail.com (choose no fee/Friends & Fam)

    Please include kart info/class for reference.

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