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    Robert Lawson

    We had a great day at Grattan on Sunday!

    Got started a bit late so we could dry the track with our vehicles. The sun was out and shining for the first 1/3 of the day and helped speed the process. It was tough going early on with cold tires and a very green cold track. It didn’t take Jerry too long and he was fully on the gas! One by one they took to the course, some spinning early, some later, but it all came together and we got loads of laps in.

    Had a quick shut down for a huge Swan that landed on the grass between the front straight and armco…. it seemed a bit lost! After a few minutes Bob was able to shoo it away with a kart pusher and we went right back to open running.

    My day did not go as well as anticipated. I ran 6 laps all day! Didn’t get on the track until 2 pm and the dark clouds has rolled in. The water on my visor at T1, T2 and on the way down to T9 had me tippy-toeing it around. After getting back to the garage I mentioned to the guys that the “rain” out there had my attention… “There wasn’t any rain!” Then it hit me, there was no debris flag (red & yellow striped) and pointing to the heavens in T1… hmmmm, same amount of grip as the remainder of the course too….

    “Robert, you have water leaking up front here….”   and my day was done!

    Yep, all the work, taking video, sharing with the world my “temporary plan” to cool down the water temp issue….. which by the way started with the evidence of a water leak…. and not finding one! I never pressure checked the radiator!!!!

    If brother Rich would have done this I would never have let him live it down. Just plain oversight, stupid, foolish mistake. So I called him, told him about it and let him swing away!!! I deserved it!!!! 🙂

    But, better in October than April. I did see very cool temps on water so the 6 laps were very valuable. Now, the question of a new radiator is answered and I’ll go a bit bigger and take the temp issue the other way. Always better to be too cool than too hot. That gear change felt better too.

    All in all it was a good trip, everyone was safe and had a good time. We had a couple new folks out this time and they all said they are looking forward to April. Speaking of April,  I asked about the interest in a full weekend of testing and got an positive answer from those in attendance. Sam has penciled us in for one of the first 2 weekends in April 2018.

    I want to thank Bob Cole for picking up the karts, all of those whom took their vehicles out to dry the track, and, most importantly the 5 or so guys that participated even though they decided not to come. If they didn’t commit to this late season date with their $$$ in advance the rest of us would not have been able to do it!

    Hope everyone had a safe trip home!!!




    Bob Cole

    Robert,  Your timing was perfect again with the weather. Today it rained and hailed, I don’t think we would have been on the track. It was a great time driving the rookies around hearing their ohs and ahs at the blind corners. None had to be towed in but one time but even then there nothing but smiles all day. I look forward to your next time.



    Jerry Revely

    Robert, yet another great test day. Thank you Brother!!

    I would highly recommend attending if you want to really get answers on set-ups and test ideas. You get more track time than four race event weekends combined. You get to test things without the pressure of a race weekend format. I wore out a brand new set of tires with the amount of laps turned.

    I tested three different pipes; two or three different flex lengths on each pipe; and changed the set-up on my main engine.

    Next I swapped to my back up engine which was a fresh rebuild. I took five laps breaking it in. I then tested two pipes; and another set-up on the back up engine.

    By far the best money spent for information gained!!!!


    Robert Lawson

    I need to thank Bruce Peck, he supplied the beacon so we could collect data!

    Thank You Brewster, your beacon is safe and sound!

    AIM actually called me today, looks like I’ll pay the $50 and get another one right from them. Have not seen any for sale.

    Bob, we had a few new guys out there! Glad they had a good time, I started hearing from them right away on the ride home!!!

    Got some e-mail & text from guys giving a heads-up already on time off for April too!!

    One of the new guys had 2 CIK shifters of his own. Never been to a big track before, he sent a note just now… He is trading one of his shifter karts for an ENDURO! After one look watchin ole’ Puffy  blast down the front straight he says he “has to have one”!!!!

    A full weekend lease will be a great deal of track time. I may have to make up an award for the person that does the most miles!!!

    Jerry, as usual, you and Pops were ready willing and able to go right out there and be the ginny pig! Everyone watched and listened to you running around all alone…. when you made a lap THEN they started heading out too!!!!

    Good fun, even if I didn’t get many laps!!!!


    Jerry Revely

    No worries. You always know I have a full test program to get through. I don’t mind being first out!

    We are already planning for a two day format in April. I will be getting two more sets of tires to make it to the end, lol.

    Great times!!


    Bruce Peck

    Glad the beacon helped out Robert.  Kevin and I are also planning for a Spring trip – one day or two.  Either will do.  Kevin will have a new chassis to sort out.  I’m sure I’ll still be trying to sort out something on the 150.  There’s just never enough quality track time!

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    Robert Lawson

    I’ll be taking just a little time off from the kart, to get some things I put on hold finished and out of here.

    But, I am certianly looking forward to April, and testing some stuff myself. If we can put together a 2 day gig I would have a bunch of things lined up to try!

    The Wife and I are going to enjoy a couple Koegels for dinner tonight. Best enjoy it while I can, will be crashing a strict diet and exercise program to get back to fightin weight again! No excuse, quit smoking almost 3 years ago now…. its well due time!


    Hey Robert,

    Track day was a bummer for me, but luckily it turned out to be a decent day to run and I was happy for the opportunity to get a few laps in, even if I got more in the truck with pops drying the track!  That was pretty fun actually.  Once I showed him the race line, and he got to enjoy those blind turns, I think he may have gotten the itch!  Probably not a kart, but I think he’ll be driving that track in something soon!

    Count me in for April.  2 day event would be awesome, if I can keep an engine together!  Thank you for the day, and I also want to thank the guys I was able to bounce some ideas off of after I stuck it.  Hopefully I’ll get more than a few laps in next year!


    2008 GP 8 Honda 125 / TM K9B
    Building F125 Enduro


    Robert Lawson


    You’ve been a busy boy in here!!! Thats good, get all the info you can find.

    I have someone working on that Delortto set-up so I can send it to you. You’ll enjoy playing with it! If nothing else it will give you a real time look at the characteristics of different componants when compared to others, what your carb is doing, how, and when!

    That new guy I spoke of bought a laydown simply from looking at pictures over text! His name is Dan, he’s from Indiana and he is the proud new owner of Ron Taylors Emmick Enduro. A very nice kart I may add, tried getting Tony C to look at it at MIS!!!!

    I actually gave Dan a few different contacts on available enduros, rollers and packaged set-ups. Taylor Everhart has a kart to offer as well. Someone needs to pick that up, check it out: http://ekartingnews.com/forums/topic/lots-of-enduro-equipment-for-sale/ lots of options with this deal. The Leopard kit on that kart sounds fun!
    Up to my elbows in clay and fiberglass so I better get back to work!!!!


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    Robert Lawson

    Wow, we still have the same weather as a couple weeks ago at the track!

    I don’t enjoy riding in the cold weather buy I might just get the bike out a couple times next week and scratch the ole itch!

    Still finishing up these projects, and got more junk coming in, so getting more video up/work done to the kart is on hold a bit longer.

    Anyone going to Daytona? Looking forward to sitting here and watching it all unfold on Race Monitor. Let us know what class and day so we can follow your progress!

    Talk soon!




    Robert Lawson

    Hey Y’all!!

    I’m having a great Thanksgiving Day!!!

    Sent out well wishes in text to liteally everyone I had a number for….current or not! This is really fun, a good number of them have no idea who it is that sent the message!!! Some actually respond with a “You too!” or “Back at ya!” which is a dead give away….. others will include “who is this?” OR “I got a new phone so…. who am I speaking to???”

    Trust me, it is GOOD fun playing around by send more cryptic notes before unmasking yourself!!!! I have been laughing my rear off since early this morning!!!! Best part is, there is NO politics involved!!!!!

    So, Happy Thanksgiving! And…. have fun with that “phone” today!!!!

    GOD bless Y’all! BE well!!!!!

    Robert 🙂


    Robert Lawson

    Amazing! The weather this coming week (11/27-29) is going to be better than what we had for the track day a month ago in October!!!

    Commercialism has ruined the Holidays (they should call it Black-Eye Friday) but this time of year conjures up old traditions. When we were little dudes Dad would bust out the Family 8mm movies and projector and show them on the front room wall. I’m going to show my age here but, Mom would put oil and popcorn in the popper and we had a fancy night “in” watching the flicks.

    Kenny asked me about that old projector the other day. I actually found the old movies and the extra cooling fan for the projector and now I’m hopped up to watch VERY old karting flicks from the 60’s and early 70’s. As I was rearranging the garage for the off season, storing stuff in the attack and piling it up in the trailer I decided to plug-in a bubble set with VCR and see if it worked. Spent the afternoon watching Daytona videos from the mid 90’s…. man that brought back some memories. Some of the guys I talked with in those videos are no longer walking this Earth with us. Got a great B-Stk & 250 race grouping with Speedway announcing from the infield stands. Johnny Howard won the B-Stk race by a nose at the flag (in the infield!) and Mike Cima won a good 250 race over Don Bootes with Jr. Neal just back a few seconds. Those were good times, and good numbers of entries in those classes. Can’t believe how many 250 single laydowns there were back then, JW ran a Gibson (4th or 5th place) that week!!!! The Rotax reed was just becoming popular in that 250 class and there were 20 of um!

    Ah, good stuff! I even threw in the Grand Prix movie and watched James Garner steal the girl, then steal the Title too!!! Love it!

    Now, the full weekend gig in April has to happen…. I’ll bring the projector for entertainment after we all have dinner!!! We have some pretty amazing old clips from Grattan back in the mid 60’s that you just won’t believe. Drag Strip complete with Christmas tree, old Tower at begining of the front straight, 55gl drums filled with sand tied & together ON the front straight making a “pit wall”, the “scoring” chicane in the monza….. and the knee high grass!!!! The best part was the karts, there are very few full laydowns as they were literally just coming out at that time. Rupp’s & Chaperrall karts were all the rage and they HAD to have at least 2 engines!!!! 🙂

    Found a very exciting prospect here when I found that old junk. The camera Dad used to shoot that old 8mm film is here too. I picked it up and accidently hit the “go” button and it started clicking away!!! It doesn’t have batteries, it actually winds up for power, like an old stop watch (got them too!!!) Anyway, I was curious and opened the camera and there was still undeveloped film in it!!!! I can only imagine what may be on it.

    So, while we are full-on into the Holiday Season now, remember your “old times” with joy. We are so fortunate just to be born here, and, we sometimes forget how hard this world is on the majority of its inhabitants outside of the mainland US.

    GOD bless Y’all!


    Mark Zemnickas

    Thank you for sharing Robert.

    I was going to try and go through all of the old boxes of photos and slides before Christmas of my dad racing back in the 60’s and 70’s.



    Todd Giles

    Hey Robert—

    a couple years ago I transferred our family vintage karting 8mm films to video. They are posted on my blog here:
    Mostly from IRP, but Grattan was featured in one.  I didn’t recognize it until running there in 2013.


    I hope they are a blessing!



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    • This reply was modified 1 month, 3 weeks ago by  Todd Giles.

    Robert Lawson


    I’m familiar with the videos! I’ve watched them a few times looking in the background to see if our brood may have got caught in your film! How exactly did you do it? I can hear the projector on the video, nice touch!!! 🙂

    The old “beer can” hats were popular in your group too I noticed!!!!

    IRP was not very good to my Pops. He always had very fast stuff but never the results to match. One year he ran 3 races in the same day, 1 hour races!!! The last of the 3 was B Reed, he had a brand new Lancer straight from Walt Meyers motors and all. Super fast, won the race easily…. but lost so much weight after 3 races in that heat covered in those Bates leathers…. he weighed lite and was DQ’d.

    We have some film from The Glen, Road Atlanta, Mid-Ohio, MIS, Grattan, some local street race footage, a bunch of Sprint stuff from Lexington OH, and lots of local Sprint stuff too. Even a bit of action from the ice out on Anchor Bay 1965!

    I was going to try to record it with my Go Pro right off the wall. Gonna have to set it all up and try it out, if it the first one turns out ok I’ll post them on the YT channel.


    PS: I have a radiator coming, time to get back to the kart!!! 🙂


    Todd Giles

    Recording off the wall will get’er done, but quality will be low. I would think GoPro would fisheye the frame.


    Here’s my set-up. Not too pretty, but got the job done with pretty good quality.

    8mm conversion


    my inspiration: https://vimeo.com/millerandmiller/telecine


    Robert Lawson

    Thats quite a slick rig you have there!

    I should just sent them to you Todd!!! 🙂


    Robert Lawson

    That Rad has still not shown up? Hmm, will have call and find out where its at.

    Watching the old flicks was good fun, a few are in bad shape with unexposed film (?, bright blank spots) but they were always there just dont remember them being so long. Some of these are in really good shape, I have 1 thats 20 minutes long! There is good race between 3 karts at Mid-Ohio. My Pops in the old Hornet twin as the guy running the camera was literally right at the edge of the track and followed the course all through the infield. The track was sooooo narrow….. and I don’t know what the deal was back then but the grass is a mile high there too!!! Some of the Grattan shots were scary in todays standards. Not just the camera man on the edge of the track taking film but CARS! Yeah, cars! The scoring folks had cars parked on the outside of the monza and sat at tables between the cars and the track. Crazy! No wonder the insurance has gone off the deep end…. The street race film was interesting too, kids of all ages sitting right on the Blvd (grass between sidewalk and street) as karts went flying by! Straw bales were only at the turns, apex and exit. Obviously back then lawsuits were not all the rage!!!! 🙂

    Rich did his first race at Marine City Kart Track back in 72 or 73. He had a Big J Lancer sidewinder (yeah, it was purple!) with a 49E and an overhead pipe! There was just 1 other kid for him to race with but Richie put the bums rush on um and whooped um by 1/2 a lap!!!! He held on to that trophy for years!!!! Too funny!

    Not sure if I’m going to attend tomorrow or not but an old Karter has a Christmas party each year at his shop. Jeff Brown sends out invites and many kart guys hang around and talk about how fast they are or how slow everyone else is! There is usually food and all, the shop maintains vintage race cars so all of those are there to look at too. My bro Kenny wants to take some flicks and the projector and share some old movies. I may just stick around here, hang out in the garage and go back to the miles of VHS tape I have from the 80’s to about 03′.

    One thing I did start doing, I save a voice mail from Family and close friends. Can’t tell you how I wish I kept a message from my Mom or Dad now that they are gone.

    Peace Y’all!!!


    Robert Lawson

    Well, its suddenly Winter here!!!

    We had a nice “snow day” today after a couple days of being in & out of the elements. The best part about dealing with snow & cold is comfort food!!! Trying to get all of that out of the system before the 1st when I start that attempt at getting back into my old Burris suit again!!!

    Been working on Insurance with K&K, will have a phone meeting with Grattan’s policy Rep on Monday. Everything is looking good thus far. I will be bringing more info on dates & particulars very soon.  Kenny talked with some vintage guys at that shop party along with a few others we dont generally see at these test days. Hope to get a full weekend on the calendar this April.

    Hang in there Y’all!!!




    Paul M. Petrun

    RPM, if you ever find a reasonably easy way to have the videos transferred to vhs, cd, or some even more modern form of media, I’d love to have the ones that feature Mike Cima.  I’d very much like to get that for him as a gift.  He helped me so much back in the day, and continues to help and be a great friend to this day!  I’ll gladly pay for any and all costs associated.  Thanks, Merry Christmas, and hope to see ya’ll in the spring.

    Paul M. Petrun



    Robert Lawson


    I’ll have to see what I have over the Holidays and pull it together. Mike is a nice guy, I remember meeting him for the first time. We were at Summit, the only year I ran Nationals for points. He won the Stock App. class title that year with a K71 on a fuel/gas mix…. which was legal. A tinkerer, kinda like Rick Gunther but with a bit better fab skills!!!! 🙂 That K71 was super fast! I’ll be brutally honest, that 250 was rough looking! Fast… but a fashion show winner it was not. Johnny West bought that kart from Mark Croslyn ( <—– Im sure I butchered that spelling) at the ole Atlanta Superparts. This may hurt Mikes feelings, but, I cut that kart up for JW and built him a CBR 600 Superkart out of it. I still have some misc. bits from that kart, red anodized zeus pads and bodywork clamps in my shop tool box! I think I may still have the steering wheel, THAT is a whole other story!!!!!

    I’m going to take the go pro out to the garage tomorrow and shoot a bit. I’ll try to get some of that Daytona race on it just to hold you over!

    MERRY CHRISTMAS Y’all!!!!!


    Robert Lawson


    With temps in the single digits, even with some heat out there, I just don’t operate in those conditions! The old gear doesn’t run too well either!!!

    So, I’m indoors with the VHS stuff doing some test clips right off the bubble TV. Trying to get the best video I can without spending a fortune! It works best after dark, with the volume high enough to be recorded the wife will have to get used to wearing ear plugs in the house for a few days!!!!!

    The task of previewing is arduous! I’ll just leave it at that!!!! 😉


    Robert Lawson

    Man, that was a mess!

    I watched hours of video and tried different cams with the same result. To stop distortion the cam has to be backed up from the TV, its like theatre mode with large black areas on either side of the video. Get any closer and the screen bulges from the fisheye lens and also gets some crazy graining.

    Bottom line, it was just junk! I’ll have to work on getting up to a flat screen and try again.

    So, VERY SOON its back to work on the April date!

    Yeah, I have had a bit of a set back here. A couple of you have heard already, been nursing a sore leg for 10 days or so. What I thought was a sore muscle from shoveling snow turns out to be much more serious after a trip to the ER.  I have an appointment with the Dr. on Thursday.

    I should have a date or 2 for y’all to chew on and some early details to consider early next week…. maybe sooner.

    It will be April before you know it!

    Talk soon!




    Robert Lawson


    Lets get the leg out of the way first. I did not keep my Dr Appointment today. Reason? Went back to the ER Monday, back home Tuesday evening. Met with the Dr there, he rescheduled for next week.

    I have DVT and PE. Why/How? No idea, just lucky I guess. So far so good, its early on so I have no expectations just yet. Take the meds and see where it goes. Piece of cake.

    Spoke with Sam this morning. The cost of everything has gone up, EMT’s, Corners, Lease…. only thing that I have NOT gotten an inflation of yet is the Insurance. Still working from the estimate given to me last fall for 2018, but wouldn’t be surprised if that changed too.

    Regardless, the ratio of literal track time to $ will STILL be better than any event could offer. I am still going to work first toward a 2 day gig and see how it goes. Will have to sit down with a sharp pencil and go over the figures, check with the Ins rep, cross the T’s and dot the I’s and come up with some numbers for Y’all to consider.

    The dates are still April 7-8 OR 14-15, Please let me know if you have a preference or conflict with these dates.

    Just getting started, much more to come!



    Jerry Revely

    Revely’s vote for 7 – 8 first.

    That way the last minute tax people still have time to get their stuff done.

    14 – 15 could be potential make-up dates.

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