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    Wow, trying to catch up on all this, I missed a LOT!

    Glad to see you’re doing well Robert, and was happy to talk with you the other day.  After that conversation, both me and pops took that Friday off, but looks like you made the change to Sunday.  Either way were ready and I’ll get a check in the mail this week.

    If there’s anything we can do in the mean time, let us know and we’ll do what we can to help out.

    2008 GP 8 Honda 125 / TM K9B
    Building F125 Enduro


    Robert Lawson


    No extra charge for gettin’ Y’all that day off buddy!!!!! 🙂

    Just get that kart together Boss and get ‘er to the track!

    PS: I have some info for you on that purchase you were interested in.  I’ll call you!

    Tell the Fam we said Hey!




    Robert Lawson

    Just 2 weeks now and its time to load up and go.

    Still a bit early for accurate weather but it certianly looks doable to this point.

    I was hoping to get all the financial bit of this done by the 18th (next Wednesday) So, if you were looking at coming its time to put pen to check/MO and get it in the mail.

    Thanks to all whom have already done so, it helps the Wife sleep at night!!! 😉

    More coming….


    Hey Robert,

    Finally got around to getting the kart sorted out.  Looking pretty positive that we’ll be able to make it.  Ordered parts and hopefully I can get it fired up next weekend.  The fam says Hi back, and now sister is married and hopefully bringing her husband.  Time we got him hooked!

    Check will be in the mail Monday.

    I love these track days.  Hope you keep them up!


    2008 GP 8 Honda 125 / TM K9B
    Building F125 Enduro


    Jerry Revely

    Kart fitted with new tires and brake pads. All loaded and waiting. We are thinking about coming up that Saturday.


    Bruce Peck

    Robert:  I haven’t seen that there’s a Mychron beacon coming your way yet.  Let me know if one is still needed and I will pop one into the mail to you.


    Robert Lawson


    I have been so busy, no time to look for one yet! If you could, send it up and we will definately put it to use! I’ll put you at the top of the April list with a star next to your name! 😉


    I plan on getting out there early on Saturday. Maybe by noon. Will have plenty to do all afternoon.


    You tell Sis and her new Hubby we said Congratulations…. can’t think of a better wedding gift than a nice new helmet and suit!!!


    This past April, for the very first time, I obtained and provided very affordable insurance for all in attendance. That insurance is no longer affordable. Not going to talk about it here.

    The lack of insurance changes nothing. A wrist band does not lessen the risk.

    I am currently looking into something else, when I know more I’ll post it here.

    If this is a problem for anyone, send me a note.




    Robert Lawson

    Got a couple more clips posted to the YT channel. None of this is monitized, I find it irritating that people try to make money on YT. Remember the “promise” of Cable TV? Commercial free TV….. yeah right! The internet has gone off the deep end with advertising.

    Anyway, the next to last video (rad mounts part 2) is funny…. wear your safety glasses!!!! 🙂



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    Bruce Peck

    Robert:  Mychron beacon is on the way.  You should get it in a couple of days USPS.  There’s a fresh pack of double A’s in the box as well.


    Robert, I’m going to ask a potentially silly question, but what does that insurance cover?  Guess I never really paid much attention to that side of things, but knowing my luck, thought I’d better ask!  I have health insurance through work, but I guess I’ve never looked up to see if it covers events like this.

    2008 GP 8 Honda 125 / TM K9B
    Building F125 Enduro


    Robert Lawson
    Thanks Bruce!!! (batteries included!!!)  🙂


    I would LOVE to go deep into this subject and share what I have learned over the past year…. and more over this past week! But, its very political, which means some are going to get their toes stepped on. So, I’ll talk your ear off next Sunday but I won’t post anything here. Well… here is a teaser:

    This is from our Brothers in Motorsport, in the UK, read carefully! :

    “All involved in the business and organisation of European motorsport need to act NOW to overcome this genuine threat to our own future and that of our employees and sport, from the unintended consequences of action taken by the European Commission (EC).


    The Motorsport Industry Association (MIA), along with others including the UK Department for Transport, has been fighting to resolve this issue for more than two years, on behalf of our members and the wider EU motorsport community. Now, with your personal leadership and action, it is possible for us to resolve this, as I fully explain in the documents linked at the top and bottom of the page.


    In simple terms, the EC plans to issue a new Motor Insurance Directive, as a result of which all EU Member States must put into their National Law compulsory and unlimited third-party liability insurance to cover personal injury between motorsport competitors and car-to-car damage during any competition – from Formula One, Moto GP, World Rally to karting, historic and grass roots, whether regulated by the FIA or FIM or not.


    However such widespread unlimited new insurance is not currently, and, we understand, will not in the future be available – so motorsport will be unable to continue anywhere in the EU. Please read the summary if you wish to fully understand the serious nature of this problem.”

    Here is the full write -up: https://www.the-mia.com/Vnuk-Update

    Scroll down to the bottom and watch the 2:00 video. With today being the 20th, I wonder what will be the result of this overreach, typical of the EU, and the beast thats been created known as the “Insurance” industry……..

    They cant stop us from tearing it up next Sunday though!!!!!



    Robert Lawson

    Todd Stoffer and Steve Pasteiner, please e-mail your mobile contact #. I want to be able to save you the trip if we have to call off Sunday AM.

    Todd, I’m sure you are coming Saturday but I don’t have a number for you.

    Thanks Guys!



    Robert Lawson

    Bruce, Got the box this AM. I’ll take care of it!!!


    I urge you to read that document I linked to. And watch the video.

    I checked the MIA website yesterday and did not see a report on the result of their petition/summary but the original call to action was for members to respond by the 20th. We may not know what happened for some time yet. Common sense sayes the EU’s EC made a knee jerk decision. After looking at the massive extent of damage this new insurance rule will cause to employment in ALL facets of motorsport (motorsport/aviation-marine-aerospace-automotive) in the UK and the greater EU, they will certianly have to reconsider. Right?

    The “Pre Track Prep List” form you filled out in April will again be manditory for each kart. Each Driver must initial every line on the form and date/sign. By signing it you agree to “full and sole responsibility” of its condition AND function (that includes the nut behind the wheel) each time you/it takes to the circuit.

    Because of the mentality and approach taken by the guys that do these track/test days, I do not expect to see the EMT’s leave their rig except at Lunch break!

    More Soon!


    I haven’t looked at the link yet, but from what I gather, our sport could be in some pretty serious trouble.

    Check should be to you early next week.  Sorry I kept forgetting to stop at the mail box last week.

    Some of us, like me, didn’t come out this April.  Do you by chance have a copy of the ‘Pre Track Prep List’ you could either post somewhere or email me?


    2008 GP 8 Honda 125 / TM K9B
    Building F125 Enduro


    Robert Lawson


    I can e-mail the file but you will need to print in legal size, its a big form!


    I will have copies at the gate for all drivers, just let me know if you may be driving multiple karts. Each form is per kart, AND its driver.

    Currently, this insurance issue is an EU problem. Amazingly it is derived from litigation, not involving a racing incident, but, the claimant suffering injury due to an accident with a tractor/trailer ON a farm! I do not know the particulars of the case but it shouldn’t be used as precedent for principle or rule in Insurance policy of Motorsport activities.

    The Insurance “industry” is looking more and more like a system of control and less like a security blanket!

    PS: Linus says:

    Bring your Go-Pro,  HELMET MOUNTED CAMERAS ARE ENCOURAGED! (it may just be necesarry to prove your case in court! 🙂 )



    Robert Lawson

    Hey Guys,

    I have received a few e-mail about friends coming out to look and watch.

    This time, I think it best if we kept it to drivers and crew. The added liability of spectators, especially those with no track etiquette or experience, is a risk I am just not willing to take.

    Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.



    Todd Stoffer

    My phone died last week. I’m taking it in tomorrow to either get it fixed or buy a new one. Hopefully I can keep the same number, but I’ll email you when I know.

    Here’s a photo from last year when we got rained out. Hopefully we won’t have that problem this time. I sure miss Enzo… he was a great dog.


    Robert Lawson

    I remember that morning, we watched the waterfall run down from the front straight across the Monza…. that water had rapids in it!!!

    The forecast looks good to me. It won’t be warm but we will get laps!

    Belding, MI  Sun 29th

    Mostly Cloudy, 45
    20% chance of shower of rain or wet snow

    Partly cloudy and chilly,  43
    25% chance of precip

    Again, not warm but we’ll be fine, The engine runs great in these conditions! If its wet in the AM we will get out there and dry it off with our vehicles.

    Been working away on it, take a look at the YT channel. I’m loading up more video right now.  https://www.youtube.com/user/F125yourself



    Robert Lawson

    We all must be getting old!

    I have been getting calls and notes about the forcast and now even I’m getting spooked! 🙂

    The 2 weather outlets are now at odds with one another.

    TWC: 46, 20% and AccuWeather: 49, 60%

    The real issue will be the grounds. They have been getting rain on and off the last few days and we all know what that means for having a dry track even without falling precip!

    I just tried the Office, and Max, no answer. I’ll keep after them until i get an update on the grounds and how its holdiing up.

    (9am) Back Soon!!!!


    Bob Cole

    Robert, We have gotten a new record for rain fall in Oct. and the month isn’t over yet. I this morning had to pump out 6″ of water off my winter pool cover and that’s only been since Friday. I’ve seen worse in this area and still raced at Grattan. See you Sunday with my boots on for all those unlucky enough to break.


    Robert Lawson

    Thanks for that report Bob! 🙂

    Thats Bob Cole “live” from West Michigan…..

    In other news, Max called back and gave a decent account of the saturation out there. He claims: “We got hit pretty good, but, its drained off well and looks good at this point.”

    This just in, he also said: “There is a “chance” on Saturday and Sunday, but, everyday has a chance this time of year…..”

    A wealth of knowledge that Max!!!! 🙂

    Seriously though, we’ll continue to look at it. We have at least 2 more days to watch things from home here. They will get more rain yet so, as I mentioned to Daniel, we need to Pray! If any of y’all have looked at the videos, I have done a bunch of work and I would sure like to give it a try.

    I’ll give you this much, I won’t wait to make a decision at the track Sunday morning. Y’all will know one way or another by Saturday afternoon at the latest.

    To my peanut gallery (Brent, Brown, etc…) YES! I put 50/50 in it today!!!!!

    Talk to Y’all again in the AM!!!


    Robert Lawson

    Its actually 2:30pm but I have better news! The weather outlets are coming back in sync.

    TWC: 47,  A mix of clouds and sun early, then becoming cloudy later in the day. Slight chance of a rain shower.  Chance 20%

    Accuweather: 48, Low clouds, then perhaps some clearing and chilly with a shower in spots. Chance 40%

    Accuweather is calling for a 50/50 chance of scattered rain on Saturday, otherwise the forcast today and Friday are dry on both. That is good for the grounds, need time to get dryed out a bit.

    Sam returned my message from the office this morning, this is what he said about the grounds: “Blubbb, blub, blubbbb, blub, gurrrrgle grurggggle, gurgle, gurgle…..” I said what was that??? “Thats what is sounds like when you are under water!!!” It was pretty bad out there after a few days of rain, he thinks about 12″, the island “was almost under water!” Since April they put some drain tile in at T1 and that area is no longer an issue. There is standing water at the very outside coming off T10, before the little left jot there, before coming up the hill. That is the lowest point on the entire property, I have swept it MANY times! If you kneel and put your ear to the ground looking out to the North at the lake, its actually lower than the surface. The natural spring leaks there too.

    If that is all we have to deal with, its a piece of cake! The overnight temp is going to be cold, they call for anywhere between 32-37. Chuck, Todd and Myself are the only guys I know of silly enough to camp in that weather. I put 50/50 in my kart because of my luck. I’ll drain it and add water before getting on the track. So, ya’ll have to add water when you arrive I guess.

    This still all prelim. Tomorrow is another day, we’ll keep watching it. Personally I will go through the motions like we are heading out Saturday AM. Been holding off on the grocery shopping ’till Friday evening.

    Again, at the latest, I’ll call each of you and have someone post here
    LIVE FROM THE TRACK Saturday if the grounds are pissing/leaking/streaming water.

    There you go, I’m heading back out to package things up and get ready to load.

    Talk again tomorrow!!!


    Robert Lawson

    Just off the phone with Max Faasen at the track, he said the track is dry and the grounds look real good.

    The forcast has not changed, mid to upper 40s is completely workable guys. I have miles of laps and tons of video to convince you.

    I do have a tip for you to keep your hands and fingers warm. Wearing rubber mechanic/surgical gloves under your driving gloves will keep the cold air from freezing your fingers! You can do serious damage if you are not careful. Harbor Freight has these gloves, I use the black HD model.

    I’ll be back again this evening with a final look.

    Packing up now!



    Robert Lawson

    Its quite a bit later than expected but here I am!

    Forcast is the same, we got rain here from 5pm on….. but nothing on the radar out West of here. Heading out in the AM.

    Got 120 Koegel Viennas for Chuck to cook at lunch!!! (we may sample a few of those Saturday afternoon!)

    I will call everyone tomorrow afternoon from the track with a final go-no go.

    Talk to you tomorrow!



    Gerald Revely

    Just talked to Robert.

    No water on the track nor flowing across the track currently. Off the track has puddles just like last April. So stay on the track and things will be fine.

    Test day is a go.

    We are leaving now to head up there. See you in about 4 hours.

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