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    Robert Lawson

    Hey Mark!

    Good to hear from you! I spoke to Jerry this evening, he mentioned the new kart and the need for testing. I’m working on the options right now. As always, if there are enough guys we’ll do something….. somewhere!


    We have not gotten that far yet. We have 2 races in Sept here in our region and the AKRA season finale Sept 30 – Oct 1 to be mindful of. Not to mention other Club/Series events finishing up at the same time.

    This I DO know:

    1. Nelson Ledges wants a karting day before the season is over.
    2. At the request of Management, I have left a message with the WKA liason whom made contact with Nelson, to inform & invite them and any of their partners to this possible opportunity.
    3. I have called CES and gave a report on my trip to Nelson last week and to extend to them the same invitation.
    4. As a return favor to Mr. Wolfe at Nelson, I volenteered to do anything I could to help get karts back to that facility now that they have repaved. (I may have even offered to bring a weedwacker 🙂 )
    5. Any opportunity for the Management to offer a Kart Day, in respect to ALL Orgs, should be done after the racing season has concluded.

    I have not reached out to DKC personally about this, but I don’t need to. Those guys know they are always welcome and someone is looking in here regular.

    I’ll be honest here, this is a financial loser for the Facility. I know what the asking price to lease is over there, even in what would be considered the “off” season. They won’t be able to get that from this Kart Day, from experience the October gigs are always tough to finance.

    But when has that stopped us from trying!!!!! 🙂

    I’ll get more details to you as they come guys…..




    Robert Lawson

    Hey Guys,

    Some of the late season Testing opportunites are working themselves out. Grattan for instance, is OUT. All the weekned dates are gone straight through October so that will not happen. Getting enough numbers in the Fall has been rough anyway besides looking at a weekday, so, no Grattan.

    Nelson Ledges is holding their last open track day for Cars this Saturday. I’ll call Fred tomorrow and find out what, if anything, he is willing to offer in the order of track time for karts and get back with you. I have not had much interest an a late season visit to Nelson, the WKA has not returned that earlier call either.

    I did try working a single day test with Gingerman last Fall if Y’all remember, but, they want a rediculous amount of money for that place. Again, Fall numbers make it too difficult.

    The new topend parts will not arrive here until Saturday (Monday!) so a G-man engine break-in is also out. I have been working on the kart for a  few days now, found some things that needed attention so its all good. Will use MIS for testing since there is no Friday track time. Having to break-in a topend will spoil any attempt to get all I want to try on the engine/chassis in AM practice. We’ll have to use the F-125 race/group to make adjustments and compare changes. Depending on how it works out, we may run the bonus race in Unltd late in the day, or, race on Sunday. We’ll see.

    Running Gingerman this weekend? The weather looks perfect for racing, almost like April test weather! All sunshine and 68 Sat/70 Sun, upper 40s ovenight so dont get off in AM practice or you’ll be gettin wet!!! Good luck, race and travel safely boys!




    Robert Lawson

    Wow, some “out of season” racing weather coming our way….

    MIS weather this weekend: Partly cloudy 80 Fri, 82 Sat, clouding up/muggy and 84 Sun.

    Frank Dawley dropped off a few Main jets so we have the entire range covered for this weekend. Rich is coming for the day to help out but will not be running his kart. Tony is coming out with his 250 too so we are looking forward to having some fun with the rest of the boys! Larry, Dave Sean, Paul, Mike and maybe Christian too…. all the Rumsey Racing team guys!!!!

    I just wrote, and deleted, an epic rant on how pissed I am about the ridiculous BAN on helmet cams.

    So, I will say this: At our Track Days you are welcome put cameras ANYWHERE your little heart desires. 🙂

    See you this weekend, safe trip Y’all!!!!


    Robert Lawson

    I must say, its nice that MIS is SO close to home. We stayed until all the races were finished and I still made it home for evening Church service!

    The weekend seemed to go a bit smoother this time compared to others so good job to the MKC. Had a great weekend, lots of laps equal lots of notes!  Weather was perfect and there was a good number of people/karts there.

    There is an issue to work out with the engine. At 21 minutes in BOTH races the engine developed what I thought was a weather induced rich condition. Now, I’m not sure about that. I think its ignition.

    We had a similar issue with the old engine. The water would reach a certain temp and it would overheat the stator, and start to miss. PVL confirmed it in a bench test they did to the ignition. On that engine it was literally at the 17 minute mark. You could practically set your watch by it! We bought C&R rad cores and built our own coolers, that fixed it. There has to be the weak link in this ignition too, we’ll have Penton check this one out and see what they find.

    So, there is work to do. The upside is, for 21 minutes, it was fast!

    On another note, I had a few guys asking about Nelson. Maybe we can still get some Org folks to come out and look into it AND the rest of us can turn laps???!!!! We’ll See.

    Back to work!!!!!


    Robert Lawson

    Yep, looking at our data, it was definatly H2O temp that caused the problem. Dang, I thought we fixed that! I was so focused on jetting, and NOT blowing it up, that I didn’t really look at water other than on the oval. When checking max numbers it was ok, problem is those numbers were from 8 minute runs!

    The level was down just a bit, that could have been fron expansion. I have not checked to see if the Rad airbox had any debris in it. The pump and flow were good, many guys commeneted on being able to hear the water in the tank.

    Well, looks like its time for an all new system instead of upgrading what came on the kart! I smell TEST!!!!! 🙂



    Robert Lawson

    Got the kart torn down a bit today.

    All it has done is motivate me to get back out again!!!!

    The engine is in good shape, everything looks perfect inside. I have a plan to alter how the rad sits in the kart and rig up a temporary box to direct the air through it.

    I won’t be done for PittRace so….. Nelson anyone???? 🙂


    I spoke to Fred this afternoon about a Saturday in October, as early as possible. Sent him an email that he can forward and talk to the Owner about. They are meeting tonight, I hope to hear what they can offer by the weekend. At MIS I spoke to a few guys that want in on a day at Nelson but we need at least 15-20 I would think just to get them to consider it.

    I’ll be burning up the satelite towers and giving myself a tumor trying to get this thing going. If you are interested please leave a note or email me here: f-125@hotmail.com




    Paul M. Petrun

    I’m in for Nelsons with my shifter.  As long as I don’t grenade it at PittRace that is!  lol  I may be able to bring a couple buddies that have sprint karts with lo206 briggs on them.  Any clue to pricing at all?




    Robert Lawson

    Price is what I’m waiting on. Fred mentioned contacting a Sprint racer from Pitt who may be interested and could bring a few friends out too.

    I know what kart guys will pay, and what they won’t pay. We’ll have to wait and see what they come up with. If I can talk them into letting us camp out the night before I may be able to get more interest. It makes for a very long day from here!


    Brian Wilhelm

    Robert, congrats on your win at MIS! What kind of lap times did you turn? I was a bit disappointed I couldn’t quite get down to what I turned last fall. I was about .6 second off.


    Robert Lawson


    We have a nice little list going here for Nelson, thats a good sign! I really like that place and it would be good to get karts back in there on a REGULAR basis!

    Have not heard back as of yet but…its just now lunch time! I’ll keep y’all up to date on what is happening.

    Hey Brian, thank you!

    We didn’t expect much, we were really there to learn. There was also just the 3 of us running so not a big field ya know. BUT, it did certianly become a race when my rev limiting/overheated ignition decided to slow things down. My best times were in the 1:26’s, not as good as we ran in 14′ but in the ball park. Also, it didn’t run the MPH it ran with the old engine from that same year. I’m learning the ratios in this gearbox. We had the right gear just needed to tweek the rear diameter to get spot on. We’ll get the MPH out of it once I get it all figured out. This engine/gearbox will be better suited for Daytona than the RVS.

    In the race Saturday we ran 31 laps. 15 good clean running laps and 16 not so much! 🙂

    It lost 13-15 MPH on top, would only rev to 12K and needed to be short shifted just to keep some kind of momentum. I figured if the times were really bad I’d just park it but it still ran 1:28’s – 1:29’s and I could see Al slowly closing in. Those 16 laps were tough, mentally it was the hardest race I’ve ever done. The machine is struggling and you are non-stop talking to yourself about being smooth, hit the marks, easy on the brake, don’t slide the rear, shift before it slows….. it was hard. The clock was telling me Al was going to get there, probably right at the flag.

    We got lucky! Plain and simple. I was pretty wound up on the cool down lap. Crazy thing is, Chuck and I were super concerned about making 45  minutes on fuel. It was going to be so close we took the fuel jug with us in the wagon to the grid. I never stopped, but, IF it had run clean the full distance….. it wouldn’t have made it! We had less than 1/2 a gallon of fuel in the tank.

    It was Good Fun!!!! Al will give me a whippin at Daytona…. I’ll try to stay in his vapor trail as best I can down there!!!!


    Robert Lawson

    Well, I tried!

    The Nelson Ledges opportunity has become unattractive. After his meeting with the Owner, the Manager has informed me that the full asking price of a lease is needed which could cost each of us $300 (@ 20 ppl) or more.

    I like Nelson, but not that much! There is obviously much more to this story but it doesn’t need to be spelled out here. Bottom line is, we are not going to turn laps at Nelson this October.

    Where does that leave us? Don’t know about y’all but I NEED some track time! So, I called Sam back at Grattan.

    We came to an agreement on the open available days: Friday, October 27th OR Sunday, the 29th. “Pencil in for Friday, and use Sunday as back up.” If it looked sketchy for Friday on Monday/Tuesday, we’d move it right away. If it snows the week before we know we’re done for the year!!!!!
    Because its very late in the year he will allow me to cancel with no loss of deposit. So, there is nothing to lose….unless someone wants one of these days between now and then.

    Is anyone interested/available in a Friday at Grattan? If not, how ’bout just shootin’ for that Sunday??

    I need your feedback so I can make a call. Otherwise, I need to search google earth and find a huge vacant subdivision!!!!! (or industrial park, parking lot, deserted airfield, closed highway……..)  🙂


    forgot the e-mail: f-125@hotmail.com


    Bruce Peck

    Robert:  no Grattan for me and Kevin this Fall but definitely count us in for another try at a date in the Spring.


    Jerry Revely

    I will go to Grattan in Oct. Count me in.


    Robert Lawson

    I sent a note to Dan Barth, to see if they would be interested. Told him I saw him pushing his kart up the pit lane at MIS (during his race) with a bit of a scowl on his face.

    “Yeah, we had some trouble!!” he said.

    Daniel is like me, can’t leave things undone! Not the way he wanted to finish the year so he got the word out and found a good number of guys. So, thank Dan for breakin down at MIS!!!! 🙂

    We are planning on Friday, Oct 27th.

    I’m going to take entry in advance, just like April, so if it needs to be moved to Sunday (Oct 29th) its already paid for. No entry at the gate.

    You know, if you have done these in the past, you have nothing to lose. If we blow past both available days and can not turn laps, I’ll send your $$$ back! OR, if you prefer, I’ll pencil you in for April.

    Its $175 per driver, I’ll buy Y’all lunch.

    Send it here:

    Robert Lawson 17731 Ivanhoe St. Roseville MI. 48066

    And yes, you can google map us, street view, and see the trailer in the Yard!!

    More soon!



    Todd Stoffer

    Too bad about Nelson, the new pavement looks awesome. Maybe next year.

    I can’t make it to Pitt Raceway this weekend, but I’ll do Grattan in Oct. since I have 5+ gallons of race fuel I need to burn before winter. I’ll drop a check in the mail tomorrow.



    Steve Pasteiner

    Hi Robert,

    Reserve 2 spots for my son and my dad (Yamaha Sportsman). I will mail you a check this weekend.

    Steve Pasteiner


    Robert Lawson


    I hear ya! Tony left me his 5’er of unmixed Turbo Blue after melting down all his spares at MIS. We didn’t use any of it there but, as a good friend should, we intend to help him get a return on that investment in October!!!!

    Look forward to seeing you out there!

    Hey Steve! Good to hear from you guys!!

    I think Y’all will enjoy the atmosphere of a test/track day. Glad to hear its a Family outing!!!

    Got a call this AM from Bob K, he is at Pitt Race this weekend. Loves the track, especially that down hill section on the new bit. Hope the turnout is strong enough that they return.

    We have good interest in this late season gig, lets pray the weather holds out and we get 1 more nice sunny day before tuning up the snowblower!



    Robert Lawson

    Just a reminder Guys, be prepared for EITHER day …. Friday OR Sunday.

    I have some guys calling that are not able to make a Friday. Bummer for them, but, we do need to pay the lease so…. As I mentioned, have a plan for both days.


    Robert Lawson

    OK, slight change of plans!

    We are now fully looking just at Sunday 10-29.

    I have 5 guys that just can not make it on that Friday AND we will need every one of them (and a few more) to get enough participation to pull this off.

    “Good interest” is not “a Great deal of interest”! Am I jumping the gun? Naw. I know how these things run their course and October always struggles after an initial surge. Go back a few pages and check it out,  the history is all there.

    We still need 4-5 solid commitments (lets call them checks!) over and above what I have here in front of me. Its only 10-2 so I won’t get wound up yet!!! 😉

    Congratulations Brother Jerry! He is top of the heap, HIS check was here on Saturday! I can guarantee you, he will be first ON the track and will hit it at FULL speed!!! 🙂



    PS: If you put something in the mail over the weekend hoping for a Friday and CAN’T make it on Sunday let me know, I’ll send it right back.


    Mark Zemnickas

    Hi Robert,

    Check was sent, no issues with either day.

    Thanks you!



    Robert Lawson

    Thanks Mark!

    I got a message from Chris too, he’ll enjoy the track day format.

    Lunch Menu coming soon!!!  🙂


    Robert Lawson

    Mark, Todd, got your envelopes yesterday!

    Spoke to my “Cook” at Grattan, he is starting radiation next week and isn’t sure how he will feel 3 weeks from now. So, I’ll hold off with lunch plans at least 2 weeks to see how Curt is doing and make a decision on what to do then. I do not eat much if any beef but man do I look forward to these test day lunch breaks!

    I’m still chasing a few guys on my end but the mailman is bringinig the goods thus far so we are on the right track (pun intented!).

    More soon,




    Robert Lawson


    Does anyone coming have a timing beacon? I sent mine back to MyChron, its cooked! I assumed (don’t do that) plugging it in like a portable radio with the batteries still installed would just overide the internal batteries…. I was mistaken! I pluged in the external 12v power supply without removing internal batteries (don’t do that either) and it fryed!!!!

    Let me know, I’ll buy another one if necessary.



    Bruce Peck

    Robert:  If you don’t have one coming to the track, let me know.  I’d be glad to ship one to you (I have two) for the track day.  I won’t be able to make this Fall date, but you could just hang on to it until Spring when we hopefully have another track/test day.


    Robert Lawson

    Thanks Bruce!

    Keep and eye on the thread here, if you don’t see a positive response in a week or so just send it. I promise not to “cook” it!!!! 🙂

    MyChron offered to sell me another one, used I think, but I figured I’d look around first.

    I have been documenting the work being done to my cooling system on video. I posted a few very short clips to a playlist on the YT channel. They are in sequence after each part of the old system was removed.



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