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    Robert Lawson

    Once again we will hold an early season test day at Grattan Raceway.

    The date is Saturday, April 12th 2014.

    This has become very popular for drivers preparing for the National event in May. The usual program is in place. Lunch, EMT’s and Marshals are all included.

    As always, in the case of inclement weather, we will be offered another date.

    This is not an open test day, participation will be limited.

    Details including driver cost, camping, race fuel, power and garages, possible rain dates, etc. are to follow very soon.

    Stay Tuned!



    Robert Lawson

    I worked out the details with Grattan Management.

    This is the e-mail I sent to a select group of friends last night. Of course I’m going to give friends and locals first right of refusal!!!

    There are quite a few regulars that do these test days, some right here from EKN.

    Hey Guys,

    Hope everyone has made it through the Holidays unscathed!

    We have a closed test at Grattan on Saturday April 12th 2014. Closed means I’ll only take a limited number of drivers. Once that number is reached sign-up will be closed. No one will admitted at the track.

    Crew and spectators are welcome!

    Fee per Driver is $160.

    Practice will run from 9-5 with a 30-45 minute break for Lunch.

    Marshalls, EMT’s, Tow Back and Lunch for Drivers and Crew are included.

    Overnight camping Friday is OK.
    Race Fuel will be there.
    Garages and Electrical will be available.
    Beacon provided for data collection.

    Our first chance for a make-up date is Sunday April 13th. We could also have the choice of the Thursday (May 15th) before the WKA National May 16-18. Anything after that is subject to Grattan’s very busy schedule. More than likely sometime in Sept-Oct 2014 for a weekend day.

    The details will hit EKN tomorrow, right now I have about 15 spots to fill.

    Happy New Year!

    Hope to see you all there!!!!


    Thanks for looking in!

    Send check or MO to:

    Robert Lawson
    21845 Holly St.
    Clinton TWP., MI. 48035


    Eric Chappell


    I see I didn’t make the short list!

    Seriously, mark me for two spots Β (125 sprint shifters). Let me know if you have the spots available and I’ll shoot you a check.



    Eric Chappell


    Robert Lawson

    C’mon Eric, you guys are like Family!!!!!!

    …..and now that I have your e-mail addy I will add you to that list posthaste! πŸ˜‰

    Eric x 2, got it, you are in…..don’t forget Mom & Pops, I count on them to eat the food so I don’t have to take it home!!!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Thanks for participating, it just wouldn’t be the same without the Chappells.



    Jerry Revely


    My invite must have been lost in the email.

    100 Sit-up Sprint Pipe

    Jerry Revely


    Robert Lawson

    Jerry, can’t believe I blew the “were like family” line already when you and I have such a close resemblance!!!! πŸ™‚

    Got it, Mr. Revely is in.

    The 2 of you for lunch then? πŸ˜‰

    See you there.



    Dennis Chappell

    Robert when this is all done you’re going to have one big family



    Robert Lawson


    If it’s a HAPPY family of 25 sharing a beautiful 70 degree day it will be perfect!

    I did guarantee Mr. Bernier it will NOT snow and we’ll get at least 68 and sun. No, I’m not a Meteorologist but lets be honest, any of us can be as accurate!!!! Personally I’ve been very fortunate when setting up these tests that none have been canceled, shortened or rescheduled……knock wood!

    In my ramblings I forgot to invite any DKC officials (uh hmmm, Gene, Jerry, Chuck) to come out and (criticize my driving) check the scoring loop and grounds (free lunch) before they host the National a month later. πŸ™‚

    Love those guys (bloody karting family) because they are just like us!!!!!!!!

    This thing is filling quickly, I have 9 spots remaining and have not contacted most of the local Mafia here in town. Don’t get caught napping!



    Scott Loewenstine

    Puffy, I am in 100 percent can’t wait to play with my 250 superkart this year.


    Robert Lawson

    Gotta be a record of some kind, posted this on Monday and I have just 2 spots remaining! Anytime you can get 25 individuals to do ANYTHING in a week its good stuff!!!!!

    Of course not all on the pre-list are paid yet. I expect at least a couple of these to punk out on me so I’ll start a list of alternates.

    Checks started arriving as early as Monday from the locals. When they arrive I add them to the official “paid” list. Have heard from many that the check is in the air and to expect it on date X. Have also heard “I’m in” but no mention of Puffy getting his $$$ back, so we’ll see who actually makes the list and who does not.

    No discrimination here, I’ll leave my Brother at home if he doesn’t get that $$$ over here this week!

    JW’s famous line rings true: “Nothing says I’m IN like a check!”.

    Don’t miss out because it’s 12 weeks away and “you have plenty of time”.

    It’s first pay, first play at Puffy’s place!!!!!!!!

    Brutis, you have my addy. Get’ er done Boss!



    Robert Lawson

    Wow, quite surprised by the response.

    Thank You all very much!

    I have 32 “yes” inquires and only 25 spots!

    Have not got the mail today but I was at 12 paid entries this morning. Got text confirmation of 3 more on the way this afternoon.

    We’ll only take the first 25 so if you have contacted me with a “yes” response I wouldn’t wait any longer.

    The local’s (my deadbeat buddies) have been notified to do the same.

    I’ll post a list later this evening.

    Thanks Again,



    Robert Lawson

    Mailman was no help.

    I’ll update this list as they come.

    1. Wayne Rumsey
    2. Larry Rumsey
    3. Dennis Bernier
    4. Eric Chappell
    5. Chris Filmore
    6. Everest Guerra
    7. Ty Johnson
    8. Jordan Johnson
    9. Dillon Johnson
    10. John Brasher
    11. Alan Brasher
    12. Eric Brasher
    13. Scott Loewenstine
    14. Jerry Revely
    15. Frank Moscone Sr.
    16. Jamal Rogers
    17. Jaren West
    18. Ryan West
    19. Harry West
    20. Racer X
    21. Racer Y
    22. Racer Z
    23. Kenny Lawson
    24. Rich Lawson
    25. Robert Lawson

    *Updated 2-10-14



    Robert Lawson

    I have responded to everyone that has made an inquiry and notified them of the “Musical Chairs” situation that will soon take place.

    Not looking forward to the fallout but it should at least be entertaining! πŸ˜‰

    Good Luck boys!!!!



    Robert Lawson

    I had a visit from a long time karting friend Saturday. He took the final 3 places for the test but did not want his/family name in print.

    So, the test is now full!

    The 250’s usually have the biggest number but it’s the F-125’s that have made up the largest group this time with 8!

    5 – CIK 125’s
    4 – Enduro’s
    4 – Sprint/Enduro’s
    3 – 250’s
    1 – TAG

    Any updates or info will be posted here.

    Thanks everyone for participating!



    Robert Lawson

    Man, is this weather EVER going to get better?????

    The super extended forecast for April 12th is Sunny and 48. At least it had sun in the description! πŸ˜‰

    I don’t get it, last Summer record high’s and now we won’t see 70 any time soon. You know it’s bad when you get excited about 40’s!!!!

    To All Climate Scientists: Call it what it is!!! Warmer waters that cause a freakin ICE AGE should not be called Global “Warming”. Idiots. Who started this anyway??? Was it the “fuzzy math” guy????? Someone needs to take his keys!!!!



    Brian Wilhelm

    The clowns have dumped “Global Warming”, now they’re calling “Climate Change”. Gonna try to make us forget how bad they were off…..


    Robert Lawson

    Nuts what is happening with the weather worldwide.

    KC had a forecast of 70 then 45 the next day!

    With a swing like that anything goes!!!!!!


    Robert Lawson

    It’s relentless!

    Another 5″ yesterday and yet another round coming next week!!!!!!!

    Between snowfall it has been melting away, we don’t have anywhere near the amount on the ground as we did just a week or 2 ago.

    Were all so damn sick of it though. 4 feet over average is just ridiculous, we may break a record set in the 1880’s for God sakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good thing is, we have 4 weeks to go. All this stuff can be gone in a matter of days if Mother Nature cooperates. We’ll see, stay tuned………………


    Robert Lawson

    Good News….

    Spoke with the Management at Grattan today.

    Got the “snow report” from Sam, he said the accumulation is now down by 50% from where it was just a week or so ago. He seemed confident it would be cleared up but is concerned about the deep frost and drainage of the melting snow. Thus far what has melted has not puddled and the grounds continue to absorb it.

    More good news…..

    The rumor of new or remodeled restrooms for this season is realized! Each of the Men’s and Ladies rooms will be 50% larger and contain PRIVATE shower/dressing stalls! With the rest of the remodel it is welcomed and long overdue. We will be the first to see the new restrooms, I think I’m more excited about that than driving the kart!!!!!

    I’ll be in regular contact with Sam and will pass any updates along as I get them.



    Robert Lawson

    Just 2 weeks out now and it’s looking a bit better here.

    I’m NE of Detroit and we have no snow besides where it was piled up. And that isn’t much.

    On the West side of the State it’s similar, at least from my reports further West of the track. I’ll be speaking with Sam again tomorrow morning but I expect the same report there.

    More coming…..



    Robert Lawson

    Things are looking good at the moment.

    Belding weather for the 12th is 53 & partly cloudy, ESE wind at 10mph with 66% humidity and a 10% chance of the “R” word. Overnight Friday will see a low of 38 with a 30% chance of “R” and sunrise at 7:04.

    That’s a bit better than it was just yesterday and better yet than the day before. If it follows that trend it might just have a shot at my January prediction of 68 and sun!!!!!! πŸ™‚

    As long as its dry we’ll get it in. Low to mid 50’s isn’t too bad and should be warm enough to learn a few things.

    Sam said the grounds look good and everything is ready to go.

    Any news or changes will come here, stay tuned!



    Robert Lawson

    The latest forecast update:

    Saturday 4-12
    AM clouds/PM sun
    Partly sunny 58
    wind SE 11mph
    Low 48
    Humidity 72%
    chance of “R” 20%

    The radar looks good for the 12th as well.

    Not much in the way of rain out there all week so fingers crossed that the turf will remain in good shape too.

    Cleaning out the trailer today, few things to button up yet but should be loaded up tomorrow.



    Robert Lawson

    Wow, just checked the forecast again and just keeps getting better folks!

    Here is the latest:

    Partly Cloudy High 66
    Humidity 63%
    Chance of “precipitation” (ha ha! ;D) 20%
    Overnight low is mid to upper 40’s

    IF we see 68 degrees I will be running around bragging how I should be a Meteorologist!!!!! πŸ™‚

    Hope everyone is “getting er done”!



    Dennis Chappell

    Hope your right on with that weather report Robert see ya this weekend.



    Robert Lawson


    I was just going to wish everyone a safe ride out, then decided to check that forecast 1 last time……

    Are you all sitting down?????

    The overnight low (for those hanging with us Friday night) is 55.
    Saturday were still on track to see partly sunny skies BUT…..the high is now 73!!!!!!!!!!

    Chance of precip down to 10% with a wind out of the South at 14mph.

    So, I’ll be applying for all local weather jobs here in the Detroit area!!!!! πŸ™‚

    Can you believe it????? An absolute miracle! Perfect conditions for an afternoon with friends!!!!

    Our epic long trek from January to now turns out better than anyone could have expected. I do have a few guys coming that still have 2 feet of snow on the ground at their homes. THEY will enjoy this most of all.

    Safe trip to all, look forward to letting everyone know ALL DAY LONG just how right the Maestro is!!!!!!

    Move over Kelly, there is a new “MAN” in town!!!!!!!!

    Love it when a plan comes together!

    See ya’ll Saturday,


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