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    Larry Dobbs

    120 entries for the last two years.  Let’s see if we can top this!

    Two hours of practice in the morning, seven races in the afternoon, and food and companionship at the awards supper in the evening.

    Who will receive the Jeff Edwards Memorial Sportsmanship Award?

    Dean Martin had the fastest lap  1:39.3 .

    Who will win in 2013?

    Boyd Ferry won the two 80cc shifter races.

    Joshua Veloz won the TaG race.

    Chris Hegar and Erik Maxfield won the stock 125cc races.

    Anthony Williams won the 250cc superkart races.

    Blair Nelson won the 80cc laydown race.

    Michael Estrella won the Yamaha Sprint race.

    Chris Abbas won the World Formula race.

    Want to know more about the place?  http://www.racesonoma.com/

    Want to know more about the nonprofit club and volunteers who make this race happen?  http://www.nckroadracing.com/

    No safe kart will be turned away if you really want to try roadracing(we will help you at the track, but go to the web site and get all your answers now so that you have all the race day time for practicing and racing!).

    Western States Road Race Classic Sonoma

    Hope to meet you there!





    Dean Martin

    Larry I believe this is going to be the biggest drawing event this year out west. SoCal will be invading the north with  Tim Musch and Fred Pinczuk currently paying to the Gods of  Honda , and Anthony Williams is polishing his rod end.

    I always love this event and this will be my tenth year attending it!


    John Benson

    Im looking forward to this !Kart is loaded in the trailer and ready to go still! ( for the grands that I didn’t make 🙁 )



    Larry Dobbs

    We are going to have a new 250 racer!  Someone bought Brad Davis’ PVP and they are planning to bring it to Sonoma so it is starting to look like we might have around 18 superkarts!

    Who’s planning to race  Stock Moto?

    Is Rus and Martha bringing the laydown 80’s?



    Hey Larry – if you count one more of the Vegas Mafia boys along with the guy out in Palmdale whose name I can’t remember (sorry) who just bought a new Cobalt – I believe they are planning on coming out to race – SO we will have 20 Superkarts!! Yeah baby!

    And yes Dean I have been polishing both my rods – so I will be bringing my spare engine!! 🙂

    Looking forward to racing and hanging with a bunch of good friends!

    PS Hey Rob H and Dave C – Don’t take this the wrong way – BUT the new ekarting news sure is difficult to use – I prefer the old format by far!


    Larry Dobbs

    1Anthony Williams

    2Dean Martin

    3Tim Musch

    4Jim Fanning

    5Eric Gossard

    6Dave Fultz

    7Joe Street

    8Eric Johnson

    9John Benson

    10Ryen Miller

    11John Stafford

    12Dean Darwin

    13Paul Band

    14Paul Traver

    15Jim White

    16Mark Morrison

    17Luis Gularte

    18Mark Jauregui

    19Brian Tilseth

    20Doug Gossett

    21Larry Dobbs






    Dean Martin

    Larry your prediction for ICE results is interesting. I do agree that Wozzer Williams may win and that you may be last but I think Benson and Johnson will place higher  🙂

    Actually I think you missed a couple of people so there may be more that 21……



    Larry Dobbs

    Very funny Dean!  Jim and Doug are picking up the kart today in WA.  Luis says Joshua might  come and race too.  I haven’t spoken to everyone on the list but I just might!

    Who else is coming to this race?


    John Benson

    Thanks for the vote of confidence Dean, but to finish 9th, first I have to finish, and I  may have to drive it remotely from Bakersfield . 🙁


    Larry Dobbs

    John let us know if we can help, i.e., you could leave your trailer at my house, etc., if that would help.


    John Benson

    Thanks for the offer Larry (  and John Stafford ) but i was pulling work trailers all ready.


    Dean Martin

    Just spoke to Joe Street and he confirmed he will be racing Sonoma 🙂  

    JB I hope you can make it, I know you dont want to miss the best perenial event in the west.

    Tim Musch is ready after an extensive power/reliablity rebuild.


    Larry Dobbs

    Partly Sunny Hi 54 says Accu-Weather 🙂  Looks like another gift of wonderful weather!

    Get those karts ready and don’t eat too much turkey dinner :O

    Jim and Doug are working on Doug’s new kart.  Paul Band is trying to help Mike Grajalva get his kart back in shape for this race.  Mark M. has his kart ready.  Less than 4 weeks to go.  Let’s shock the registration volunteer and get our entries in early!!




    Larry Dobbs

    We may not be racing in Austin, TX, but we are racing in Sonoma, CA, and we probably will be next year too IF we race there this year 🙂

    Get your entries in and bring anybody you know with a kart!


    Kerry Matthews

    If the weather’s nice, I’ll be down in the Mustang to mingle and schmooze for a while.  I see Paul Traver is bringing out his Superkart.  Maybe I can talk him into letting me take a couple of laps in it.  I’ll bring my driving gear along in case that’s a possibility.




    Larry Dobbs

    The weather has been upgraded to 56 and sunny:)

    Jim White and Doug Gossett came over to get parts to finish up Doug’s gorgeous kart, so come on people get your entries in; that means you too Doug and Jim!!!  Karters helping karters!  What will they think of next:O



    Thanks for the weather update Larry – what was the temp last year – that was a great weather day?

    Ok, so where are the photos of Doug’s new kart?? And what are they getting from you – PVP parts or singing lessons!?

    I am trying to finish my kart off – Dean has made some Hi-Tech parts for his Martin-i kart which I am sure he will be bragging about at Sears!!

    By the way does anybody read ekarting news since the change?


    Kerry Matthews

    I still read it all the time.  I’ve adjusted to the change.


    Mark Morrison

    Well I have everything  ready looks like we will have 15-20 Superkart field should be a great day of racing



    Glad to hear your kart is ready Mark – were you able to take the kart out and test the motor before the race – I hope so??

    I will be working on mine today while watching F1 from Austin – unfortunately we all know who is going to win – I am hoping Weber takes him out on the first turn!! That would be GREAT!!! 🙂



    Looking forward to racing at Sonoma for the first time. My Dad and I are coming over from Las Vegas. We need a little help as a good starting point for gearing. We have a stock Honda 125 and a stock TM K9B.

    Any assistance would be appreciated.


    John Benson

    Things are looking up, I’m a definite maybe……..

    Russell, I ran a 125 Honda there a couple years ago, and ran a 19-22. It was a little tall, but I was not exactly on wt. or on my game!  🙂


    Larry Dobbs

    Hey Tony, you got your kart done yet?!  I provided some seating to a fellow karter, kinda like girls who have skinny jeans in there drawer hoping to fit back into one day?!  As far as Martin’s ikart goes, I will be all over it to steal all his secrets, or I could just ask him!  As far as weather goes, after this year’s Grand Nationals, I can race in anything! Sunny and 57 is the latest about the same as last year, but I have a bad memory and I never write anything down so I would ask someone else!  About this ekarting site, I miss the old forum but the young guys running this thing have a vision . . . See you at the races!


    Jason Santander

    i’m supposed to sit this one out, dont know if i can do it, its my favorite track.

    would i re-injure a broken collar bone if i ran? been 4 weeks, slowly getting healed.

    dont know if i can wait till september to run sonoma again.


    Larry Dobbs

    Hi Jason,

    Sorry to hear about your collar bone.  I broke my collar bone and raced 6 weeks later, but that was in a KT100 Yamaha.  If you try it and it is too painful, you could always take photos and write some articles on social media.  NCK can always use positive exposure to get the word out about roadracing.  As you are well aware, it’s darn near impossible to work on your kart, race, and take pictures and write anything about the day.  I will have my Gopro on and would be happy to contribute that if you or anybody else is willing to help NCK out.

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