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    Ted Hamilton


    I bought a clutch from a guy who ran it but didn’t know its’ condition.  I’ve dealt with him in the past so I figured it was ok…..he told me it was leaking, but may be a gasket issue.


    Box smelled burnt when I opened it, and sure enough, when I opened it there was no oil, burnt oil residue, and flat plates and warped floaters.  Mix of tungsten and brass weights, and bearing seems ok.

    The bad news is that the sprocket attachement / drive pins were loose and run anyhow so they wallered out the holes and destroyed the housing (hence the oil draining…)

    John at CKI said I could try TiG’ing them shut and machining new indexed holes for new pins, but the pins have a thread and a shoulder, so that’s a pain.  I’d like to try finding a decent used housing first.  Can anyone give me some advice on where to start looking??  Also, has anyone done “the fix” before?  Any pointers?  I was thinking of making the drive pins seperate from the sprocket pins…

    Help! :)  I’d like to get this together for a dual engine KT-100 dirt project, but it may seem some roadracing use too.  Cheers,


    2014 Praga Dragon / IAME KA-100

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    Ron Lax

    I had one smc rr axleclutch.  Very well engineered!  There are a few issues with them.

    I strongly recommend that you contact Mark Schoonover in Wisconsin.  He is a great guy…very experienced!  And he is truly an SMC expert!   He has knowledge of the clutch and lots of parts!   Just the guy you need to look at your clutch!

    I have heard of the pin bolt issue.

    If Mark cant help..nobody can.

    Hope this helps,


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    Dale Coffey

    I had one that happened to because I got in a hurry and forgot to tighten the gear.  I fixed it by drilling and tapping those holes and installing a 1/8 inch pipe plug.  Then I drilled and tapped 6 new holes and cut the counter bore beside the old ones. Clutch works fine.

    Mark Schoonover is excellent with the clutch also.

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    Ted Hamilton

    Dale — thanks for the info…may try that…

    Mark gave me a call and I’m going to try to source a replacement housing first, then machine mine if all else fails…



    2014 Praga Dragon / IAME KA-100

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