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    Thomas Fehring

    Structure Mechanics Corporation has officially ceased production of axle clutches and parts.

    There are no more new clutches left but there are some bits and pieces. If you need spares for Daytona, call soon. When they’re gone, they’re gone forever!

    Thomas Fehring P.E.

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    Dave Armstrong

    I understand the financial side of this but I’m sorry to them go.  Another nail in the Road Racing coffin.

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      Steven Novikoff

      Wow sorry to hear this.  I have three of the sprint clutches.  They are pretty bullet proof.

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    Mike Peters

    I got the last primary weights but I’m still trying to find a left link.


    If anyone has an extra one or 2 I sure could use them.

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    Ace Rossi

    Mike I’ve got about 15 of the left side clips. I’ll bring you what you want to Daytona! 😉

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    alan brasher

    …wow, been runnin smc long time axle, have three. on 2 karts..been road racing long time, see alot of these clutches..have a few spare parts…another nail in coffin for us road racers,  another reason to quit karting, will sell complete karts race ready dirt  cheap

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    Brian Wilhelm

    Ace, I’d like to get 4 of the left links from you if I could.


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    Ace Rossi

    Brian I’ve got all but 4 promised and I better hold on to them since they were hard to locate.

    Sorry but if I find any more i’ll let you know!

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    alan brasher

    anyone have speed colllar, lock links out there ? r/h or l/h will do..

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    Greg Wright

    I have a new speed collar on hand and maybe a used one as well.

    Greg Wright
    Rapid Racing Inc.
    Vintage B-Stock Pilot
    "When in doubt Gas it, It won't help but it ends the suspense."

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    Mark Horne

    I heard a rumor that the SMC Axle clutch business was sold. Not sure to who, if this is accurate or wishful thinking.

    Anyone know for sure?

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    Thomas Fehring

    SMC is in the process of building 300 new axle clutch discs. I estimate that they will be available to racers in approximately 30 days. When they are ready, they will be listed on the SMC online store. http://www.kartclutches.com/store/

    Other axle clutch parts might be manufactured if there is sufficient demand. Please email requests to tcf@fuse.net and type “axle clutches” on the subject line.

    Also, John Scavuzzo has a large supply of links. Perhaps someone can supply his contact information.


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