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    Jerry Hudson

    STOCK ORIGINAL BORE (53.95 piston), crank end play is good, bearings look and feel great, big rod end looks good with no sign of bluing. Cylinder walls still show good cross hatching, even on the exhaust top side; clearance is good piston to bore, piston and ring wear look good. Cleaned it all; when he put the top end back together, he set the cylinder height/timing using Skusa LAD guage/encoder numbers and said it  looked REALLY good, he thought it would be a strong motor. Head is cc’d and squish set. Fresh blueprinted carb. with EC linkage and filter cup. Brand new J3 coil mount and chainguard. Old style (grey friction surface) clutch in excellent used shape. Drum and driver in good shape.


    vibration plate; 30 and 32 mm int. pattern angle mounts

    wiring harness, relays, start buttons w/steering wheel mount plate

    stock airbox; KG Cobra airbox w/ mount

    header, flex, pipe and springs

    IAME radiator, waterpump, waterpump pulley

    partial hose kit (whatever I got, you get :-) )

    new reeds (1pr.), o-ring set, various gaskets, carb. kit, etc.

    Whole package in very good used condition.

    $1350 shipped in the cont. US

    haybale_7@att.net for pics


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    Jerry Hudson


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