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    Daniel Torgerson

    I have a question regarding ignoring the black flag.

    What is the penalty? why so inconsistent?

    A driver in X30 JR in New Castle ignored the blag flag for several laps and received a 5 position penalty.the bumper was dragging and chose to ignore the black flag even tho there was a possible hazard to the racer or the fellow competitors AND it was discussed at the drivers meeting NOT to ignore the black flag.

    A driver in Sonoma in mini swift chose to ignore the black flag and received a 60 day suspension for the same infraction EXCEPT his kart was not a possible hazard AND it was not discussed in that drivers meeting..

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    Tim Koyen

    If you’re expecting some sort of response here from SKUSA, you’re barking up the wrong tree.  You’d need to contact them directly.

    If you instead, are actually just trying to publicly make a point about an inconsistency in the application of a rule by SKUSA, well then, I think you made your point.

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