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    Michael perez

    I would like to prevent flat spots on my chassis with some skid plates but IV heard that it will effect handling is there any truth to that? Is it worth having? If it dose effect handling how and by how much? Thank you for your help.

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    Alan Michel

    try the new MRC ones.  work well for me, definitely save the chassis.

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    TJ Koyen

    Definitely worth having. Flat-spotted frame rails are the number one killer of frames. No effect on handling with the KartLift ones. I’ve used them for years and love them.


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    Tim Koyen

    If installed correctly, plastic skidplates will not affect the kart’s handling.   The key is to make them free floating, so they don’t create a bind.

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    Michael perez

    So Tim how do you do that

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    Brock Weiss

    I have the KartLift Brand and I have the long ones on my Son’s Tony Kart and I promise you they are by far the best plates to put on your kart.

    I also heard that skid plates change how the chassis handles but I was told by many that the KartLift brand doesn’t change how the chassis handles because they Free Float. I’m not sure how they free float but they did not change how his kart handled at all.

    In fact my son won his class Championship this last year and the best part is there is not a scratch on the bottom of his kart.

    So I would say go ahead and get the skid plates but make sure you get the KartLift Brand as I know for sure they don’t change the handling at all in the kart because of the Free Floating design.

    what type of kart do you have

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