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    Daniel White

    I’ve read up a bit online about the differences between the two. Essentially, sintered are metal and the others are organic materials. Can anyone weigh in on what is the best option? I’m looking to buy another set for my Tonykart, and here are my options. Price is not a significant concern, but I thought I would list that just FYI.

    1. Tonykart OEM  ($70)
    2. Tonykart Gold Sintered (a bit more expensive than OEM)
    3. Ferodo ($50)
    4. Frixa ($50)

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    Steven Novikoff

    I have a Birel with the same issue and have to purchase pads costing $70+ each.  I tried other sintered pads but they last one run and actually burn up and separate from the backing plate.  Don’t know about Tony karts, but assume it’s the same issue.

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    Eric Stevens

    The Ferodo Kart attack are and excellent pad, They have great bite and modulation even when cold with no fade when hot with increased bite that can still be modulated. They have excellent wear characteristics too!

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    Daniel White

    Thanks for the feedback guys.

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