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    justis d stockton

    so i just recently got interested with shifter karts and actually tried to build one….and kind of failed….but now id like to look into buying one but i only ever see them on ebay and stuff like that and im trying to figure out where i can buy one from online or from a store or whatever does anyone know where i should be looking?

    just to clear some stuff up i was just trying to get an idea of where to look and about how much they are im not ready to buy yet

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    mark crook

    I started off with an eBay special. After all the agro, I added up all the money I had put into making the kart right and found I could have ended up with a real decent package if I had saved up and looked around properly.

    Moral of the story- a decent kart doesn’t come cheap.

    The odd decent kart does occasionally find it’s way onto eBay. You will know the difference between a decent package and an eBay special as the asking price will be considerably different. A retirement sale is always good as you can often pick up lots of spares. Just be careful with the age of the frame with 125’s, the steel hardens over time.

    Have you checked the classifieds on this site? Over in the UK we have ‘superkart.org.uk’ if there is anything worth buying in the UK that’s the best place to start.

    "When In Doubt, Flat Out" - Colin McRae

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    mark crook

    If youre buying new, CRG America??

    "When In Doubt, Flat Out" - Colin McRae

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    Jim Derrig

    Tell us your location and we’ll tell you where to look.  Best idea is to buy something already set up for the track you’ll be racing at.

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    justis d stockton

    i live in Springfield Missouri i really don’t know of any tracks around me

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    Cody Elliott

    Pevely missouri has a track I cant remember the name unfortunately. ACR here in wisconsin has a 2012 shifter chassis thats only got a hand full of races on ebay. And he can hook you up with some slightly used spare parts.

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    justis d stockton

    sadly i spent like $900 on all kinds of parts last year for when i was going to try and build one so really i have everything but a real frame and a bigger engine….ive got an 80cc engine already… the thing that is keeping me from finishing the one ive got is i cant figure the steering out

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      Jim Derrig

      Here is a link to kart tracks around the US:


      I think you need to get a better handle on what you intend to do with the kart.  A competition kart is NOT NOT NOT for driving on back roads, cul-de-sacs and parking lots.  It’s a serious racing machines and, frankly, if you “can’t figure the steering out,” there’s a significant chance that even the parts you think you’ve “figured out” aren’t put together quite right.  This isn’t adding up to a good ending.

      You need to pick a track, go to a race as a spectator and ask lots of questions.

      Don’t feel bad.  I had years of experience working on cars and it still took me 2 years before I could put a kart together right enough to race it.


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    russ Jolly

    check out the guys at kartspeedmotorsports.

    Other wise i have a fairly nice 08 BRM DK9 less enginethat im going to be getting rid of. pm me with an offer. youll have to come up to chicago though to get it.

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    Welcome to the sport

    The guys here are right, very often you will find good advise and help here, as it is a family oriented sport.

    It is very important for you to figure out what class you wanna run, or the level of racing you wanna compete in.

    If you just wanna be the weekend warrior, get some track time at the local track at a club level, then any decent, not too abused chassis will do.

    But if you wanna stay competitive at the national level, then you will need a new chassis

    It all depends on what you wanna do, and how much your budget is

    The other big factor is: Have you ever driven a shifter kart before? or have any karting experience? They are very brutal to drive and unforgiving at times, some times you loose control and spin out before you even know it ( reaction times are really fast )

    Please give us a little more info, so that we can help

    I sent you a PM. Good luck, Freddy.

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    justis d stockton

    i have never driven a shifter kart but im not sure if any of it matters because i live 4 hours from the closest track to me.

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