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    Jeff Clark

    Price reduced on both karts, I realize the 250 was priced high, was asking that based on my friends request. He and I both came down on the asking prices.


    2 karts for sale very close to Portland Oregon. More photos available on request.

    4000.00 dollars on this 250cc Honda kart:

    2011 CRG Road Rebel shifter kart with 2001 CR250 5 speed transmission 2 stroke engine. The engine was just put in this chassis, didn’t run it much so deciding to sell. The engine has had the oil changed after every other run at the local tracks. This kart is very quick and can be easily driven and short shifted while still having a lot of fun without having to run high rpm’s. If you choose to run it harder you obviously can. It is geared to run as high of top speed or higher than the more common 125cc shifter karts, but still has plenty of torque coming out of corners to make for very fast lap times. All the parts and work done was at Shark Shifter here in Oregon. Some of the things done to this are

    chassis skid plates mounted to bottom of the frame rails

    2 brand new and sealed rear tires, the fronts have only one track day on them

    all new bead seals on the rims

    new adjustable style front gas and brake pedals

    This brand of chassis came with the ceramic full floating brake rotors front and back

    Mychron 4 on the steering wheel

    new fuel pump and all new fuel lines

    new silicone water cooling hoses

    Brake fluid and brake pads new

    new radiator and support brackets for this chassis

    new chain and sprockets

    custom lower guard to protect the rear rotor

    Shark shifter exhaust pipe

    ignition relocation kit for ecu
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    The 2nd go kart:
    2700.00 dollars
    shifter kart 2001 SKM Honda CR125

    2001 SKM chassis with 99 Honda CR125 6 speed transmission. This kart is very fast and turn key ready to go with all new brakes and calipers. When I got it all that was corroded since this kart sat without running for many many years. I had to replace the entire brake system. The engine is super clean and runs very strong. I’ve only run it for a few track days but health issues are forcing me to sell, plus I don’t take it out as often as I thought I would. The oil has been religiously changed on it. Upgrades done over the years but I had more time to work on it than I did to run it. It was low hours when I got it, and is still a low hours kart just now in tip top shape. All the parts and work done was at Shark Shifter here in Oregon. Some of the things done to this are
    New calipers from italian motors USA for both fronts and the rear caliper
    new rear caliper
    new brake pads front and back
    mychron 4 set up for 2 local tracks with RPM and water temp working
    fuel lines and new fuel pump and filter
    RCE exhaust pipe and carbon fiber exhaust can
    upgraded O ring style collector where exhaust meets the cylinder
    custom lower guard for rear rotor
    new style removable rear bumper with quick detach pins
    new rear rotor
    2 new style master cylinders and brake fluid flush
    new adjustable gas and brake pedals
    4 mounted rain tires on rims
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    Jeff Clark

    Interested in offers, especially on the 250. That one is my friends. He is eager to sell. Open to offers on my 125 also. Thanks all.

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    Jeff Clark

    bump for sale

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    Jeff Clark

    Prices reduced on both karts, please pm me if interested. I am not on the forum much but will check in every 1-2 days. Thank, Jeff.

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    Hi, I’m interested on the 125.


    Can you send me pictures to luishernandez_527 AT outlook DOT com?



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    Devin Cuevas

    I’m interested in the 125. Is it still for sale? PM me or email me at dlcuevas @gmail

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    Jeff Clark

    These have both sold, mods please delete this post if you’d like. Thanks.

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