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    russ Jolly

    Got my kart out of storage a while back and noticed that my right seat strut on my 08 monza has snapped completely off.

    I was wondering what is the best way of repairing it. I currently have a ROTAX max on it but im dropping that class like a red headed step child. most likely will do a LO206 on it next year.



    Tim Koyen

    Welding it back on is the best fix.  You can use Tig or Mig to do it, either will work, as long as the welder knows what he’s doing.  I’ve Mig welded struts a number of times and had no ill affects.


    William Martin

    You could also braze a sleeve around the break.




    If you can’t weld it yourself, I would recommend getting someone to tig weld it. Someone who is good. It does a much better job on the thin wall tubbing that kart chassis are made from. I have often wondered why kart manufacturers don’t use a clamp on seat mount that you could adjust and move/replace. I know they make them. Doesn’t make any sense to me why you Would spend a 150 to 350 on a seat and drill It full of holes. JMO

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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