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    Ambrose Buldo

    I know this is Dan’s thread and it was started to talk about seat stiffness and it’s effect on handling. I kind of tagged on as we run the same Brand/Model Kart and in the off-season I too and going to switch over to the Ribtect XL Seat (Or Deepseat). I am very interested in seeing how Dan does, as it may help me when I make the switch.

    Now that I have fresh tires on the Kart, now that it is re-aligned, now that I have reset everything to dealer spec, I have a solid baseline time (Almost equal to my fastest time). As I run the tires I pick up over-steer at the APEX, going to try to address that with my outing on Friday. After my baseline laps, I plan to switch over to new short hubs (75MM) from 115MM and continue to make one change at a time to see cause effect.

    Thank you all for your input, it is appreciated.


    Dan Brown

    Ambrose I am going to try and make it Friday, I will let you know tomorrow night. I moved my seat forward and down, re-scaled the kart putting the rear weight at 60.5% . I watched some video of myself in the kart and I now believe that the extra height of the XLT Ribtect plus the tighter fit against my upper body is causing too much lift on the inside rear tire. The Ribtect is around 3″ higher than the Tillet and the Lightning Light seats I have. Plus I slid around a little in the other two seats, I found myself pushing my hips into the outside of the seat and gripping the wheel hars to keep myself stationary. The Ribtect has me locked into the kart, I feel like I am part of the kart instead of sitting in it. But I think the extra leverage being applied by the taller seat and the tight fit is hurting my corner exit. I am going to start by removing my struts, I have dual seat struts on each side. I think that is going to make a huge difference in how the kart reacts. I would actually like to go too far and set the kart up tight, and then work backwards until I find the sweet spot. I feel I am really close, and when I hit on the correct setup  am going to love this kart even more than I do now. Just my luck , Racing season up north here is almost over, by the time I get it all figured out snow will be covering the track!


    Ambrose Buldo

    Just posted some Video from OVRP on Friday. Lap times were good and consistant. The end of the video shows best lap in Slow Mo. This is video from m favorite perspective the Chin Cam. You can see dash, hands and wheels well. Please ignor the hand gestures as they are just there to help me with the Video Processing later. Let me know what you see as the primary handleing charchertistic. From the seat I am feeling oversteer at the APEX as I need to make post apex corrections.

    Thanks in advance.



    Ambrose Buldo

    I moved the seat back slightly (1/2″) in an effort to see if this helps with rear grip and addresses the Oversteer at the Apex evidenced in the Video. I am hitting the track (www.ovrp.net) this Friday, looking to see how it does. Just looking got a couple tenths before I park her for the winter.

    https://youtu.be/Q91nvd-u1cI g


    jt colegrove

    Dan, I’m also 6’2 and I had to work a bit to find a decent seat position this year.  I’m on a compkart, but the same things might hold true for you.  I’ve experienced the same issues as you where on turn in the front outside tire gets overloaded by excess jacking, due to a combination of my height and too much camber.

    I had a T11 copy in the kart to start and I feel like i sit on top of the seat and have to use so much energy to stay in the kart, so I swapped to a T8 standard.

    My seat is just over 5MM below the rails, it picks up a decent amount of rubber.  It’s also reclined a touch.  I have wound up almost 1″ behind where J3 had me start with the seat.  Between getting the seat into the right area and pulling caster out of the kart I’ve found the front end to gain a lot of grip.  Before, as soon as you’d turn in the rear inside would jack immediately and the front outside would overload quickly due to the height of my body’s CG transferring more weight than needed.  Mid corner off would usually be oversteer because as soon as I’d touch the gas the rear inside would slam down and flat slide to the exit.

    Get your seat low, and be gentle with the throttle on exit.

Viewing 5 posts - 26 through 30 (of 30 total)

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