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    Steve Maurer

    I have a 2011 Margay 1.11 and my seat is about 2 inches wider than the seat mounting brackets. It is a fully carpeted nice seat and I like it and want to make it fit. Is it pry bar time? does it help to use some heat? any ideas would be helpful. thanks.


    David Cole

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for joining the forums. If you could, please take the time to update your display name to include your first and last name. Thanks.

    Regarding your seat, I believe you could use a 1-inch spacer on each side so you don’t have to bend anything. Check out ShopAKR.com to find the right size spacers you need. Be sure to use washers large enough on each end as well.


    tony zambos

    Dave, are those negative one inch spacers?


    David Cole

    [quote quote=22208]Dave, are those negative one inch spacers?[/quote]

    LOL, sorry. I thought he meant the seat struts were two inches wider than the seat.

    Now I see that the seat is 2″ wider than the seat struts.

    My bad.

    In that case:

    1. what class is it for

    2. what seat size is the seat

    3. how big are you

    4. Do you have a picture of the kart?


    Gary Lawson

    You have two choices. You can use a heavy dead blow hammer (my choice) or use a bent axle or jack handle to pry it. Easiest with the kart on the ground for leverage and you can stand on the opposite side.  Majority of the bending should be on the left strut to avoid engine clearance issues.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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