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    Mark Parker

    We have to add 16-18 pounds of lead to the kart, id be greatful if anyone could share 4 corner weight info to shoot for. Here is what we are at with 8lbs of lead under the front left seat mount, 6 on the left upper seat mount and 3 on the left side middle of the seat

    51 lf

    50 rf

    60.5 lr

    71 rr

    43.4% front


    I have since moved the seat forward about an inch and a half although I’m still not real excited on where it’s at and during the seat move its shifted to the right about 1/4″.

    These scales said we were a couple pounds lighter than the tracks scale at 232.5 vs 237.

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    tony zambos

    Can’t help you with your specific situation, but a couple of suggestions.
    * Be sure the chassis is not tweaked before you do anything.
    * Check the scales read the same with a given weight.
    * Insure that your tires have the same diameter from side to side.
    * Lock down the steering shaft and adjust the toe in/out to zero. Leave the shaft locked down during the entire test.
    * Make sure the king-pins are not bent.
    * The surface for the scales has to be flat and level.
    *Contact the club or the track promoter and ask if they can put you in touch with someone that has experience in your class.

    Always weigh in at a track sometime during practice. It’s common that scales will vary from track to track and sometimes from weekend to weekend.

    Hopefully a knowable person can give you some better advice.

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