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    patrick j slattery

    Every time we drop our pressures to 10 or less psi our kart get tight.  Other chassis seem to handle it well and are fast, but we can’t for whatever reason.  We race with and Arrow X3 at the Mancup races where there is a fair amount of rubber on the track. Any suggestions


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    Some chassis like higher tire pressures and some low

    Some Top Karts handle real well in the corners, and some hop like there is no tomorrow

    Honestly you really wanna find the best air pressure that works for you, for your weight, for your kart and your set up, and ultimately for your driving style.


    Do you run front and rear torsion bars?

    How wide are the front and rear tracks?

    What kind of  axle do you run?


    I’ve seen people running as high as 19 psi, and they glide trough the corners like magic.

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