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    David Cole

    Masters Max Final

    1. Chris Bogart +2.453
    2. Armando Watson
    3. Michael Auriemma
    4. Raul Costa
    5. Joseph Antabi
    6. Todd Meyer
    7. Al Vinjamur
    8. Justin Peck
    9. Gregory Violo
    10. Orlando Munoz


    David Cole

    Mini Max Final

    1. Aidan Keel +0.178
    2. Sting Ray Robb
    3. David Malukas
    4. Devin Boutot
    5. Sergio Terife
    6. Michael Benyahia
    7. Enzo Fittipaldi da Cruz
    8. Pierce Dawlett
    9. Michael d’Orlando
    10. Roman DeAngelis


    David Cole

    Keel and Malukas earn their tickets to the Invitational with Robb’s going to Boutot, with his USRMC ticket moving over to Collin Stewart


    David Cole

    DD2 Masters Final

    1. Alan Rudolph +3.509
    2. Fernando Guzzi
    3. Scott Falcone
    4. Derek Wang
    5. Andres Fonseca
    6. Stuart Clark
    7. Christophe Adams
    8. Brent Harper
    9. Francis Mondou
    10. Camilo Matiz


    David Cole

    With Rudolph a COTA champion, Guzzi takes the Pan-Am ticket with his Brazilian RMC ticket going to the next driver available.


    David Cole

    Senior Max Final

    1. Oliver Askew +2.052
    2. Charlie Eastwood
    3. Nick Neri
    4. Jordon Lennox
    5. Philip Morin
    6. Alfredo Zabalza
    7. Andrew Palmer
    8. Jules Cousin
    9. Zachary Claman-Demelo
    10. Jack Weprin


    David Cole

    With Askew winning the Pan-Am, his ticket from the US Grand Nationals goes back to Andrew Palmer


    David Cole

    Junior Max Final

    1. Ashley Rogero +1.201
    2. Guan Yu Zhou
    3. Kyle Kirkwood
    4. Jeff Kingsley
    5. Austin Garrison
    6. Juan Manuel Correa
    7. Blaine Rocha
    8. Christian Munoz
    9. Trenton Estep
    10. Austin Versteeg


    David Cole

    As it sits now, Rogero takes the Pan-Am ticket and Yu Zhou already in with Euro Challenge, the US Grand Nationals ticket goes to Ryan Norberg


    David Cole

    DD2 Final

    1. Daniel Formal +3.292
    2. Xen De Ruwe
    3. Pier-Luc Ouellette
    4. Ferenc Kancsar
    5. Alessandro Bizzotto
    6. Fritz Leesmann
    7. Brendon Bain
    8. Gavin Reichelt
    9. Cristiano Morgado
    10. Michael Ilavia


    David Cole

    Formal takes the Pan-Am ticket, with his US Grand Nationals ticket going to Mitch Carey


    David Cole

    Breaking News: Rogero leaves tech and given DQ. Provisional win goes to Yu Zhou and then the Pan-Am ticket to the Grand Finals is awarded to provisional runner-up Kirkwood


    David Cole

    For complete coverage, head over to EKN Event Page


    Stewart Willis

    So, i saw a facebook thread, I believe on the EKN page where there were several pissed off people that were upset that Rogero walked off of the scales,  to help a teammate get a ticket.  Why is this so bad?


    Daryle Redlin

    I believe the integrity of the sport suffers when stuff like this happens. Its obvious that Ashley is a great driver and has a great chance at moving up through the ranks. Putting politics in the middle at an event like this is not good. If you didnt plan on going through tech if you won the race then you shouldnt have  raced at all. Competitors get upset that they may have been beaten by a racer that cheated, weather its true or not, and didnt go through tech. In this case I dont believe that they were cheating but instead trying to give a team mate the opportunity to represent their country at the worlds. Rotax can stop stuff like this real easily in the future. Simply make a rule that says “Competitors that refuse post race technical inspection in any approved Rotax Worlds Championship qualifying race will no longer be eligible to participate in the world finals for that race year. Competitors will forfeit any qualifying tickets won at other events and the next competitor shall take his/her place”. Something along those lines would stop it in its tracks. The reason why there is tech is so that everyone knows that you were all racing under the same conditions. If you allow competitors to race but then walk away you lose that integrity.


    Chris Ritter

    I agree Daryle… whats next… cats chasing dogs?

Viewing 16 posts - 51 through 66 (of 66 total)

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