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    Joe Bowen

    Newb question….. I’m going to be running the Rotax Sr. class and just question how many races or how long of run time are you guys getting out of your Mojo D2 tires?

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    Joe Bowen

    Guess nobody knows the answer or there really is no answer lol. Only reason I ask is the guy I bought this Kart from claimed to get a full season out of a set of tires (10-12) race days. I was just ordering some tires and started to question if people are really getting that kind of run time out of a set.

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    David Cole

    Depends on conditions, what series you race, and how many times you take the kart out. I’ll move this post to the Rotax section, and maybe you’ll get more info from Rotax racers. Thanks.

    David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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    Chris McGinley

    The answer is “it depends”. I’ve had MOJOs become useless after 1 day at some tracks, and have had them go for 3 race days at other tracks. The track surface will play a big role on how the tire performs. I’d be amazed if the tires performed well (or equally) through an entire season. I’m sure you could run them all season, but I’d bet the kart wouldn’t handle well and you’d be chasing odd handling problems because of it.

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