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    Tadas Ratkevicius

    Need help, just got used rotax micro max, never had before. Its non evo. Problem – gas doesn’t flow tube to carb, I blowed line, are good. Looks like is not sucking in, or pump doesn’t work. Engine was recently rebuilded, and should work. Its rather wiring or something else.



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    Christian Fox

    Your carbs floats are upside down, your needle is jammed shut and fuel can’t flow into the carb.

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    Tadas Ratkevicius
    1. Where is that needle should be? How to get to it?
    2. and which floats upside down? Yoy mean pump?
    3. thanks
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    Mark Traylor

    go to Acceleration karting and look at the exploded view diagram for the dellorto

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    tony zambos

    In addition to Christian’s and Marks’s comments;
    # Connect a piece of fuel line to the carb inlet. With the carb in its upright position, blow into the fuel line. If you can blow air into the carb, turn the carb upside down and blow into again. This time you should not be able to blow into the carb. If the carb passes this test, the needle valve should not be the issue.

    # If the test above fails, with the carb upright, rap on the side of the carb with the handle of a screw driver. This should dislodge the needle valve if it was stuck.

    # There is an internal fuel filter in the carb. Try cleaning that.

    # If you’ve done all of the above and still having issues, check your fuel pump. It may have assembled incorrectly or the fuel lines are attached wrong.

    Scour the internet for manuals and articles on the Rotax and the Dellorto carb That you can find. The first two are on me.

    LAD Specialties customer / tony kart / rotax / kt100

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