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    Out of 5 motors, this one I recently bought (new style clutch) has a unique issue where the motor continues to push me into the corner even after letting off the gas.  The clutch grabs at low RPM’s in the pits as well.  I replaced the clutch, same problem.  Is it possible that the drum is not perfectly round and catches?  It spins freely when the motor is off, and the bearing is clean and greased.  Suggestions?  or anyone have a spare drum (user or new) that they want to get rid of?  Or is there another possible answer?  Thanks.  Brian

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    Mark Traylor

    Engine speed should never be so low on track that the clutch disengages. clutch engages btweem 4000-5000rpm leaving the pit lane and then pretty much stays locked up.

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    Steve piggott

    I would try different drum

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