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    Ian McKean

    I have recently bought a Spyda Rotax 257. It is fairly long in the tooth but appears to have little use recently as the tyres that it sits on are apparently about 12 years out of date.

    One issue is the clutch. It is either in or out. The only way to avoid stalling is to wind it up to 10,000 and drop it. Can anyone tell me if there is a way to make it more progressive? Could this be because it was standing for a while?

    A friend who had a couple of 257’s twenty years ago tells me one was very fierce and difficult to get off the line but the other was OK. Thanks in advance!

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    Greg Cavouras

    I suggest you pull off the clutch cover (right side of the engine) and have a look.  It shouldn’t be like that so you may have some worn parts.  The other thing to do is adjust the air gap on the throwout arm, which can be accessed by the centre plug on the clutch cover.

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