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    My daughter (13) and I have just started racing this year (PRD) We have about a dozen practice days and 3 races under ours belts.  She’s about 4 seconds of the pace and I’m about 2.  This seems like a great time for some instruction to prevent picking up bad habits and get up to speed more efficiently.

    Considering our level of experience and that teen age girls may learn a little differently than the rest of us, what schools, coaches, or tutors would you recommend in southern California?  Any extra info to help us choose would be welcome too!



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    Sebastian Bacon


    Welcome to kart racing!

    Check out Jerry Henderson for driver coaching in Southern California. Jerry is very knowledgable and has had great success coaching drivers of all ages.


    Hope this helps,


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    Walt Gifford

    Just slow down BEFORE the turn.



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    Howie Idelson

    Jerry’s really great. You will not believe how much time you can gain from his sysystem of  teaching.

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    OK good tip on HKE KArting.  I hadn’t heard of Jerry before.  Any comments on the Jim Hall school or anybody out there who can really compare them?

    Also I ran into an IKF official at the Santa Maria race who did training but I missed his name or getting his flier.  Any tips on who that might have been?

    Gif said:

    <span style=”color: #444444; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, serif; font-size: 12px; line-height: 21px; background-color: #efefef;”>Just slow down BEFORE the turn.</span>

    This is probably a different topic but the Jim Hall book talks about trail braking all the way to the apex…other car driving books talk about it just as you turn in.  I find trying to trail brake all the way to the apex keeps the kart from rotating (I think because the outside rear is the only wheel really braking at that point) and the “just feather off as I turn in” feels better. Feels better may not be faster.  At any rate “just slow down BEFORE” may need a little more definition for me.

    Thanks Again,



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    Ray Lovestead

    I also recommend slowing down before the turn.  It keeps you out of the weeds.

    I believe Walt means you want to make absolutely sure you are accelerating out from the apex.  If you are too fast into the corner you won’t be able to get on the gas early enough to make a fast exit speed.


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    Steve Hansen

    Try Mike Smith, the race director at CalSpeed karting.

    Very knowledgeable and a great instructor.


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    Chris LaTorre


    You should try: http://www.pslkarting.com/

    Francois is a great guy- 1-951-897-0550

    Chris LaTorre


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    Thanks all,

    I’ve received good tips about one school, and a number of private messages from teams and coaches to follow up on.  Any thoughts on schools vs teams vs coaches?

    I realize in the end it’s about refining your line, developing a sense of traction limits, then subtle adjustments (and just plain getting seat time. )  I’m hoping for us to get up to pace a little faster than through trial and error and seat time.

    I guess if I try a brief session from each option, and decide which if any seemed to identify weak areas, and offer constructive drills to work on to fix them.  then I know the answer.




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    Rob Daniel

    Kimball Williams  Perris, CA

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    Howie Idelson

    One on one with a driver coach will always get you better results then a school. Jerry Henderson takes it a step further by driving on track with the driver he’s coaching and talking with them via open mic two way radios. I’ve never seen anyone get results like Jerry and his unique technique.


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    Thanks Howie,

    Good specific answer…what method you like best, who does a good job of it, and how!

    I think that bumps HKE to the top of my list.


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