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    Mike Burrill

    I’ve seen “racing “spark plugs on several kart shops pages.  I’m referring to the plugs that have a very short insulator and require a special boot.  They cost about $45 compared to a typical plug of $9.   Anyone out there know the science why these are worth 5’x the price?  Anyone have actual experience? They look cool….maybe they are a fashion statement??

    Mike Burrill -
    Karting Kartel

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    Glenn L Riggs

    Better arrow? lol If it lights the fuel Can`t see where its worth the money


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    Gary Lawson

    I remember a brisk plug that was like that. Really expensive and then needed an even more expensive boot. Made zero difference when we put it in

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    Walt Gifford

    There’s a nascar dad born every minute and they have a special spark plug for them.


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    Nicholson Speedway class champion 2001,
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    Keith Buffo

    On a Honda it’s for elbow clearance, so you don’t wreck your plug, boot, elbow or race.

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