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    Rick Brown

    What are you favorite F1, Indycar, Nascar, karting documentaries?


    TJ Koyen

    I just watched the ESPN 30 for 30 one on Tim Richmond last night on Netflix. It’s a few years old, but it was a good one.

    1976: Hunt vs. Lauda is also a good one, along with Senna.

    I’m working on the Moto GP ones, Faster and Fastest now. Not a big motorcycle fan, but they’re pretty cool.

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    Chuck hurlbert

    Patrick dempsey: racing Le Mans was an awesome documentary. plus it has a short stint on karts, like 2 minutes short.


    Rick Brown

    Lol TJ we’re on the same page watched those last week. There’s another one on netflix, I think it was called Indy? Now I’m on to youtube. Watched a few about  Earndhart and one about Mario. There’s still at least 2′ off snow here in Mass. and I want to race!


    Matt Dixon

    Super Speedway

    An IMAX documentary on the 96 season of Newman/Haas



    Rob Howden

    ‘Truth in 24’ is a great doc on the Lemans 24 hour event.  Check it out.  Jason Statham does the narration and it’s awesome.  I watched it a few times before cutting the tracks for Become One.

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    Rick Brown

    Matt any idea where to find that? It’s not on youtube


    Matt Dixon

    Rick I ordered a DVD off Amazon years ago.

    +1 on Truth in 24



    Morgan Schuler

    Dust to Glory. Baja is BA.

    Blown Away, if you can find it. It follows Rad Rides by Troy building Blowfish and racing it at Bonneville.


    Troy V Smith

    I am attempting to do my own in regards to real kart racing. Hope to finish up early next year. Ideas? Inclusions?

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Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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