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    William Weiler

    I see I need a pit mat and a ABC type fire extinguisher.  Someone said I can use carpet for the pit mat. How big should it be and where is a good place to get it? Also, where do I get the fire extinguisher? How large should it be?


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    David Cole

    Not sure you ‘need’ a pit mat. Some people just use tarps, others get custom flooring for under their tents. Other may even use the fake grass carpet you find at Home Depot. I’m sure you can get a Fire Extinguisher there as well. Not sure the size, some facilities require a certain size, others just ask that you have in case.

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    tony zambos

    We use a cheap 10×15 trap from Harbor Freight Tools because it fits under our shelter awning and partially under the trailer. You’ll have to pick the size you need. Depending on the surface you’re pitting on, you’ll need a method of keeping the tarp in place. By the end of three day weekend, pitted on gravel, the tarp gets tossed.
    As for a fire extinguisher, any hardware store should have one. You shouldn’t need a large one. Check to see if you have to bring it along to the grid.

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    William Weiler

    When I checked out an MBK race, everyone had their Kart on the ground on a some kind of mat. I forgot to ask about it. I guess when it’s on the stand, the mat has to be under the stand. I checked the rules and they say you have to have a pit mat and an ABC type fire extinguisher. I think it is just a way to keep fluids off the pavement.

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    Just go to Home Depot, or Lowes and buy thick rubber mat, or padded rubber cushioning mat. ( they sell it by the yard, or foot )

    Fire extinguisher Just go to Costco and pick one up for cheap, or just go to any auto parts store, they have them there for cheap also.

    Don’t over think this stuff. Good luck, and have fun.



    Timothy Strawkas

    NOT all fire extinguishers are the same. Make sure you get the properly rated style for combustible liquids and oils. Type B.

    Type A will be worthless in A pit fire or on A person that is on fire from gas/oil spill!! Be weary of advice given saying there all the same. A screw driver is all that’s needed to do something, but A flat head is worthless on A Phillips…..


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