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    Matthias Schümann


    Well I have given up on the Anderson I looked at with a rotax 258, the state of the engine and the kart was just too bad.

    My options now are a 2008 Anderson Mirage , or a PvP from 99 that has only done 2 race meetings.

    My brother got a call after I posted on this site, by Poul’s engine man, telling him there could possibly be a chassis for sale, at PVP.

    The PvP is updated with new bumpers, and 2012 spec brakes, the price of the two chassis is almost the identical, witch one should we go for?

    We are going to run a single, gasgas or Honda, we have not decided yet.

    The PvP is 30 minutes away, the Anderson Mirage is a 12 hour round trip away.

    Would be happy for any inputs.

    And Ian if you still want the rotax 258, the guy will only sell it as a complete package.


    Best regards Matthias

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    Ian Harrison

    Hi Matthias

    As your going with the single, I would probably go with the PVP.

    If a used Anderson was to be your choice then, by preference, I would be looking for a Maverick not a Mirage.

    Do you know how much the Anderson/Rotax 258 package is? and can you put me in touch with the vendor?

    Best Regards

    Ian :-)

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