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    James Barnes

    I want to set up my sons kart but un sure of the proper way to set up the caster and camber. Can someone give me a good idea how to do this? does he have to be in the kart while making these adjustments?

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    TJ Koyen

    A set of Sniper lasers is a good start. With them you can check your camber and toe very accurately. You should set your caster/camber pills to their neutral position to start with and see if you’re even side-to-side with the lasers.

    We don’t usually throw the lasers on every time we make a camber adjustment, we just turn the pills 1 dot at a time to dial the kart in.

    He does not need to be in the kart. When you set the kart on the ground though, note that the camber will change slightly with his weight in the seat. Usually we see about 1mm more negative with the driver in the kart.

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    Ivan Duarte

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I installed neutral pills on top and bottom and set the toe to neutral but when checking with lasers it shows negative camber (almost three boxes on the laser scale). Shouldn’t it have “zero” camber when using neutral pills? Could this chassis be bent or am I doing it wrong?</p>

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    James Barnes

    In theory the caster/camber should be at zero with the neutral pills installed, but the chassis could be bent or it is just from the manufacturer like that.

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    bob prinzo

    is it the same on both sides or just one side?if just one side,somethings bent

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    Evan Fraser

    I believe the caster/camber measurements with neutral pills depends on the manufacturer.  My CRG at neutral is the factory “ideal” setup, and it has a little bit of positive camber when on the stand.  Keep in mind that resting on the ground with the driver in it will cause the tires to lean in (negative camber) a little bit.  On the ground with me in it the tires are likely standing straight with zero camber, at neutral settings.  If your kart has Sniper compatible spindles on it you can leave the lasers on with the kart on the ground and your son in it to find out what the difference is.

    What kind of Kart is it?  What kind of caster/camber pills?  Does it have sniper compatible spindles?

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