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    Ed hodgson

    Figured I’d post this here, as it’d get the most potential exposure.

    I currently have a CR-80 shifter kart (coyote widetrack). It’s a blast, but I think about going to a 125 at some point in the future.

    What do you 125 shifter guys feel a decent $ price is for a used 125 roller chassis?

    I’d be looking for something @ 10 years old,(hopefully not beat to complete death)  as competition wouldn’t be my first priority. Preferably with front brakes, bodywork, and shifter assembly. Radiator and mount would be nice, but I could source them elsewhere easily.

    I’ve seen a couple like this description for @ $800. Is this a fluke / freak price?

    I’d probably end up getting an amount close to that for my complete kart, (I’ve got close to twice that into it, but the market around here isn’t going to get me near that) which would serve as the resources to acquire said roller.

    Anyway, just wondering. Thanks for reading this, feel free to share comments and opinions, please!


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    Ed hodgson

    I should note that the 10 year age designation is not a “cut-off ” by any means. Just that I know I won’t be able to purchase a newer kart right now (school and family)

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    I have been told that a good starting point is to look for karts 2007 and up if your looking to purchase used.

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    Ed hodgson

    Thanks for the PM’s and replies!

    im currently just kicking it around, but pretty sure I’ll be going to a 125 chassis eventually.

    Here’s hoping I can score a good roller when the time comes.

    thanks one and all!

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